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Great weekend!

So far General Conference has been incredibly amazing and wow. This time, they really seem to be hitting hard with the theme of teaching in the home, and families, and stuff like that. It all seems kind of... um... not irrelevant, but currently not entirely relevant to us at the moment, since neither of us has any kids or any prospects, and we don't live with our parents, but it's always nice to hear people talk about how important families are. It's a very painful thing when families are broken, so we like the constant reminders not to break them on purpose.

On the other hand, it can also be a little hard for us to listen to, for example, a talk on how to be a good father and/or the importance of fathers. I keep hoping that one day, there will be a talk on how to deal with the sadness of having divorced parents. In the LDS Church, we believe that families can be reunited after death and be together for eternity, but when your parents have decided, you know what, they'd just rather not, it's kind of like instead of being linked forever, we're kind of drifting in the eternal ether. Fortunately for us, we also have faith that the Lord can fix everything.

Anyway. I know I say this every time, but since General Conference really is amazing, here's a link where they have videos of each of the talks. We were going to link to Koichi Aoyagi's talk because, since he's from Japan, it has a little bit of a special meaning to us, but apparently that one's not up yet. So for now, we'll just recommend it. It was on the importance of reaching out to others.

In other news, another amazing kitty event happened last night! We sat down to play video games, and Oreo almost! sat on Athena's lap. He got on her lap, but he was a little afraid to settle down because Page was nearby. We have two couches set at a perpendicular angle to each other, and Athena sits on a legless chair in the corner they form, with the back toward the little gap between them. Page ran around the one that's not up against the wall and snuck up behind Athena's chair. I noticed her and giggled because it was so cute, but when Oreo realized she was there, he decided he was done and went to go hang out by himself in the bedroom. But we're getting closer!

Changing the subject again, there's been this tradition of going to Hometown Buffet after the priesthood session of Conference (an evening session for the men, because I guess they need more help?), but in recent Conference weekends, apparently people have been complaining about how much they hate Hometown Buffet. For some reason, that led to the decision to segregate the men and the women for the post-Conference get-together (we marvel at the decision, but we mostly end up talking with only the women anyway, so we're not really complaining), and so at some point this evening, we'll be joining Mom and our sisters and I'm guessing Kimee and maybe some other friends of the family to go to... some place whose name I forgot.

But the significance of this place is that they serve fried ice cream. This sounds like about the unhealthiest food in existence... oh wait, except for fried Twinkies, and I bet there's a whole bunch of other unhealthy substances you could fry. But it sounds pretty unhealthy anyway. And yet we must try it! For it is ice cream. Fortunately, unhealthy foods don't generally kill you if you don't eat them regularly.

Normally we probably wouldn't think thrice about it (we'd definitely think twice about it, because fried ice cream? what the heck?), but they recently put Super Nanny on hiatus in favor of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. We are far from food activists, but the show is pretty inspiring, mostly in that you can tell Mr. Oliver really cares, that he really wants to help make the world a healthier place, and he consistently accepts these seemingly impossible challenges and manages to somehow succeed (though sometimes probably just barely).

It's the accepting challenges part that's really important, too, because even if he does fail at accomplishing the goal, he accomplishes so much more just by trying than he would have if he said, "That's impossible." I mean, sure he might not teach one thousand people how to cook in a week (that's next week's episode), but if he tries, he's much more likely to clear eight hundred, than if he tried to haggle it down. And heck, fifty people sounds like a lot of people to teach to cook in a week to me, so.

Anyway. It's been a very uplifting weekend so far! What a great way to spend Easter!

Today I'm thankful for Oreo almost! sitting on Athena's lap, all the amazing talks from General Conference so far, the opportunity to try fried ice cream, the opportunity to spend time with family, and getting to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.
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