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We had a very peaceful day at work today (mostly), because Page discovered a nice comfy spot in the spare bedroom and proceeded to sleep there until about an hour before work ended. When she woke up, she was very attention-deprived, and she made sure we knew it. But Oreo is still posted at our feet, and Page has decided she'd rather not get near him if she can help it. She'd been spending a lot of time meowing at us from the hall in the last few hours. If she can just last a liiiiittle bit longer, we'll be done at the computer for a while and we can give her some attention.

In the meantime, Oreo is not encouraging good posture, as he keeps lying on the floor so adorably, just begging us (by his mere existence) to bend down and pet him.

After FHE last night, we looked for something to watch while we ate a late dinner, and so we watched My Name Is Earl, which I only bring up, because the second episode we watched (everything is shown back to back these days, seriously) had two of the best quotes ever. One was, "It's just like when Ted from Bill & Ted put on magic sunglasses and went into the Matrix." The other one was, "Robin Hood? You mean that guy in the green pantyhose? I love his little hummingbird girlfriend, Tink. She is sooooo jealous."

I know people can get the quotes just by watching the shows, but we like to repeat things that we think are amusing.

Speaking of things that bear repeating, on Twitter, Stan Lee was talking about his friend who wrote the worst movie ever made (the friend himself admits it), and he repeated something one of his followers said to him: Better to write the worst movie ever made than the best movie never made.

I wonder if it's the effects of Twitter that recent entries seem to lack continuity. I think it's more the effect of certain kitties being so distracting that I can't focus long enough to write a coherent entry. That, and the only thing we really have to talk about is how we need to get away for a while. We called Leia, and she said she'd talk to Han about going to Disneyland. Unfortunately, she works as a tax preparer, which means she'd really rather wait until after tax season. And that's two whole weeks away!! If we felt like we could afford train fare, I would probably call Gaston right now! I might anyway, but I hate calling people and we're lazy and trains are so much work.

Oh, of course! I need to mention that General Conference starts tomorrow!! You can watch it on the internet here! The speakers all say amazing things every conference, so check it out!! (The sessions are at 10am and 2pm Mountain Daylight Time on Saturday and Sunday, but you can listen to audio (and probably watch the video) for each session anytime after they air.)

Today I'm thankful for a lovely Easter card from Sister L, getting to watch General Conference tomorrow, brilliant plans that allow us to have sugar for snack time and still have dessert without sugar overload (sweet and salty Chex Mix for the win!), having some Chex Mix with which to implement said plans, and the second draft for this script going much faster than we thought it might.
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