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I think Page may be fed up with this "Oreo" business. He is curled up adorably on the floor and she is nowhere in sight. Ah well.

Let's see... a lot of today was spent reading, which always has me like, "Uh..." when it comes to posting. And we each read separate books, so I can't talk about one or the other of them because of spoilers. I will mention, though, that yesterday, we didn't read much because technically we borrowed the books for work purposes, but we did look at the table of contents, and apparently one of the Uncle Remus stories is about a Mr. Jack Sparrow. Hmmm...

Actually, I'm reading the Mark Twain book, but Athena says she read the Jack Sparrow story and it looks like that was actually what they called a kind of bird back then--a jack sparrow. So we went over to Wikipedia to look it up, and the only thing they give us is an article on the fictional pirate. If only we had a list of archaic sparrow names...

Anyway. Today is exciting because all our Disney movies came! Yaaaay!! Finally, after months of not being able to afford it, we have our very own copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Blu-ray! Finally, we have season one of Gargoyles! Finally, we can watch The Princess and the Frog! ...wait...

Speaking of The Princess and the Frog, we made an observation long ago, around when we saw the movie for the fifth time, but I didn't get a chance to talk about it, because... I don't know, maybe Stuff was Happening, or something. Anyway, after we saw the movie for the first time, there was talk about how Tiana is a much, much better role model for little girls than any of the other Disney princesses. Okay, so it wasn't "talk" so much as someone mentioned it and we said, "Nuh-uh!" But that had us thinking about Tiana's role-modelship, and so we were Watching her carefully at subsequent viewings. I don't know why we didn't notice it so much before, maybe because we like to give the main character the benefit of the doubt, but Tiana is not a nice person.

Athena thinks it probably is the "wanting to give the main character the benefit of the doubt" thing that made us not realize it for so long, because we almost never go to the movies thinking, "Man, I bet I'm gonna hate the protagonist of this one!" Also, Tiana isn't really a very mean person, except to Naveen, who totally deserved it, so it was subtle. But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that Tiana doesn't do a single thing in the whole movie for anybody but herself. I think the closest is when she gives Charlotte advice on how to catch a man, because she probably didn't know that it would lead to Charlotte paying her lots and lots of money.

It's kind of obvious from early on, though, because when her Dad is talking about his dream of having a restaurant, and he says people will be coming from miles around to taste his food, she doesn't miss a beat before correcting him, "Our food."

Then there's the scene where Tiana first meets Naveen, and she's like, "I don't kiss frogs!" Hmm, if only she knew someone who wouldn't mind kissing a frog, and might even be happy to do it if the frog actually turned out to be a prince... But we can cut her some slack on that one, because having a frog actually talking to you would probably throw you for a loop so that you're not exactly thinking straight anyway. And then he promised to make her dream come true, so she could be like, "Well, I just have to kiss him, and then Charlotte can have him."

Even at the end, when she breaks the talisman thingie to save Naveen instead of accepting Dr. Facilier's deal--she doesn't do it to help Naveen. She does it because she realizes that she needs love. And then, when Charlotte's about to kiss Naveen for the first time, and have all her dreams come true (finding a prince, marrying him, becoming a princess), Tiana stops her without even an apology. Although I guess it would be kind of awkward to be like, "I know this is your life-long dream and all, but we're in love. Sorry," and she probably wouldn't have done it if she didn't know that Naveen liked her too, and they didn't really have time for Tiana and Charlotte to discuss the matter...

Anyway. She just seems to be lacking in compassion, is all. Even Ariel and Sleeping Beauty had that, and they're not the brightest crayons in the box (though we love them immensely).

While I was typing that, Page came in to say hello, so I guess she's not as fed up as we thought.

Today I'm thankful for getting all our Disney movies (we also got Bolt; I didn't mention that one), finally having Snow White, the amazing chocolate cake that was at Break the Fast yesterday (apparently it's just the regular chocolate cake you can buy from Vons; if only we had one in walking distance...), getting to read great books today, and cookie cutters (they make the cookies into such lovely shapes!).
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