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Take a look, it's in a book!

We're being positive today! Or attempting it, anyway. Athena read something in the scriptures this morning about how you can't be angry and not sin, so we're trying to rein it in! We tend to have outbursts about stuff that we read on the internet, so it can be hard sometimes, but today has been fairly easy, fortunately.

We started the day out by putting stuff in the mail! Tadah! (I'm a little excited today, just for the heck of it.) We needed to put stuff in the mail anyway, but we don't like to because we're laaaaaaazy. But we were happy to today for two reasons! First, putting contracts in the mail means that somewhere down the line there will be more money. Second, after we got the mail last night, there was a package slip! We've ordered some Disney movies lately, and we're anxious to get them.

But now I will take a brief interlude to discuss procedural memory. We learned about it from Castle, because there was this guy who had amnesia, so they brought in their psychologist guy, and he explained the different kinds of memory, one of which was procedural memory. That's the memory where you know how to walk and stuff, so your body knows how to do stuff even if your mind forgot. So then Castle had an idea! and he asked the guy to sign his name, which he did! but they could only make out the first letter, so they still didn't know who he was. It was pretty awesome anyway, though.

But my point is, we suspect that procedural memory is what's responsible for most of the there/their/they're, you're/your, here/hear mix-ups, because the procedural memory kicks in and the brain doesn't always catch it. The hand is quicker than the eye, and all that. And the reason I bring it up is that when I typed the word "Disney" a couple of paragraphs up, somehow a rogue L managed to sneak onto the end of it. I was like, "Wha...?" and Athena was like, "Procedural memory..." and I was like, "But how...?" and she was like, "Disneyl...and?" and I was like, "Whoa..."

Right, so we went to put stuff in the mail, which requires us to walk all the way to the apartment office, but! we had a package slip so we were excited. And what did we find but a package from Yen Press! It had comp copies! Whatever was inside, we'd already read it, so we ignored it at first because we were massively late getting to work. But at lunchtime, curiosity (and the fact that we were almost done working) got the better of us (because we don't pay enough attention to release dates to know when any of the stuff we translated is coming out). Inside the package, we found Nabari! Yay! And it has Kumohira on the cover! He's our second-favorite character! (Athena: Wait, who's our first-favorite character? Me: Aizawa. Athena: ...Right! (not that she always agrees with me, but she does this time, and the exchange was amusing))

Also inside the package was Kieli novel #2!!! Gasp!!!!

It actually was kind of shocking, because after we got taken off of the series, we kind of blocked it from our memories... well, only sort of, because we remembered it enough to start ordering the novels one at a time when we order manga. I think we just disassociated ourselves from the translations, like they were a failure and we're ashamed of them. And we're trying to be positive today, so it's hard saying that, but that's kind of the feeling that goes with it. Only we're not completely ashamed--we'd just rather not think about it. But it did get us trying to figure out where we went wrong again, and today our reasoning is that we were never able to tell the difference between good prose and bad prose--if the idea is properly communicated, that's good enough for us. That would kind of make us bad at dialogue, too, though, but maybe we think more about the emotion behind it when someone is talking? I don't know. Anyway, the book looks very shiny and the pictures are nice as always (though we can see why the author was constantly telling the illustrator to make Harvey more scruffy).

Anyway, as I started the whole thing about getting the mail, I remembered part of why we were so late getting to work, and it wasn't just because we were putting stuff in the mail or reading very long guest blog posts (interesting though they may have been). It was because we checked Kinokuniya, and Berry Berry 2 was finally in stock!!! Woohoo!! So we spent some time ordering manga, this time including the newest thing by Yukiru Sugisaki, the newest thing by Ryoco Fukuyama, and one of the newest things by Hari Tokeino (Gyakuten Honey). And another Kieli novel! Yay!

We have a lot of reading in our future, as we also decided to see if we could get some Mark Twain to help us with our Southern dialects. Our next assignment isn't Gakuen Alice, which isn't really all that surprising; we kind of get the feeling TokyoPop's wanting to pick up the pace on more titles than one. But it is Maid-sama, which means we're going to want to brush up on dialectiness before working on that crazy Hinata kid. So we called Mom to see if we could go to a bookstore (we'd rather read real books than stare at computer monitors). She's sick, so the answer was no, but she does have a collection of Mark Twain short stories that she promised to bring to church on Sunday so we can borrow it. She also has a collection of Uncle Remus stories! Yay!

(We actually checked the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, too, and happened to get our own copy of Uncle Remus stories, as well as a book about Darby O'Gill! They were all free! (We got two Uncle Remus books.) But we do like to have real books, so we can get away from the computer every so often.)

To sum up, we have a lot of exciting things going on! But we have to wait to get to most of them. They even locked up our B&N account because we tried too many wrong passwords. We really need to take more careful mental notes when inventing passwords.

That got kind of long, but it was fun. Today I'm thankful for free eBooks, people who can loan us books, having a kitty sitting on either side of me (I think peace is maintained because neither of them can see the other), Berry Berry 2 being available!, and procedural memory.
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