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Oh my goodness, we came up with the greatest Ace Attorney fan video idea ever, but it will require us to use Flash animation or something. Live action just wouldn't cut it. And I'm afraid to share the idea, because I don't want anybody to steal it! Not that we'd mind somebody else doing the animation, but we would definitely need to be involved in the process. We'll see if we actually get motivated enough to do it! Hmm...

In other news, two nights ago, Athena woke up in the middle of the night to what she thought was a cat, very persistently chomping on her leg. She thought it might have been a dream or her imagination, but she clearly remembered kicking (lightly) a cat away twice. That means that not only was she chomping on Athena's leg, but she came back! to do it some more. Theories were almost confirmed this morning, when it happened again, but she's still not sure about it, because it just seems so weird.

It doesn't seem weird to me, though, because I have had several encounters with Page's teeth. She is a cat who definitely lends credence to the old adage(?) that if you stop moving long enough, your cat will eat you. In fact, that's the main reason we don't want to be cat ladies. We heard a story about an old woman... Athena's telling me that we don't need to disturb any of you good people with the gruesome stories we've heard about cat ladies dying, so I guess I'll stop there.

On the other hand, I think Page is being playful and not hungry, so we're definitely going to keep her around. It's kind of funny what happens, too, because sometimes I'll be petting her (and sometimes I'll be deliberately annoying her; she can be very annoyable sometimes), and she'll start chomping at my hand! But usually, she'll catch herself after one or two chomps, and stop right away. Usually she even dashes off!, as if she's ashamed to have done such a thing.

Incidentally, I realized the other day that the black fur on her scalp forms an upside-down V on her forehead, but if it formed a rightside-up V, she would have the same forehead markings as Bunnicula. Wow, that brings back memories... of a book I don't remember much about. I think it was a series...? All I remember is the dog sitting in a boat (or on a lakeshore) with the guy who owned all the pets, and the owner started patting him on the head, and the dog was happy because that meant that he was going to start scratching behind his ears, but the owner was troubled, so he stopped after just a few pats on the head. The random things you remember about stuff...

Today I'm thankful for the very likely prospect of finishing this script tomorrow, awesome fan video ideas, having a work list again (not a very long one, but there all the same), Wikipedia not being down today, and Page not eating us in our sleep.
Tags: ace attorney, kitties, nostalgia trip

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