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I wonder if Hollow Bastion is steam-operated...

Today was not a good day for Wikipedia to be acting strangely. We had a lot of stuff to look up, and without Wikipedia... oh boy. Fortunately, it was acting fine by the time we got to the library part. All those books... *shudders*

In random news, the Disney Parks are releasing a series of Steampunk Disney trading pins. (Here's a link.) We're actually not "Steampunk fans", per se, but the pins are adorable.

The first time we heard about Steampunk wasn't until we were translating the afterword for the first Kieli novel. The author said that the series was kind of Steampunk-like. She actually said it in katakana, so we were like, "Whaaaa?" and we had to look it up, and then we were like, "Oh, like that Steamboy movie Han made us borrow from his friend."

Okay, so he didn't make us borrow it; he just loaned it to us without asking us if we wanted to see it. But it was very good. I was afraid it would be too... um... there's like a color scheme that goes with... well, with Steampunk, I guess, and sometimes anime takes it to the extreme. I can't really describe it. It's kind of like the feel of stop-motion animation, and kind of like those really artsy anime films with no dialogue... But anyway, Steamboy had enough color and dialogue to keep our attention, so we liked it. Not enough to remember anything about it, though... Except for the steam-powered machines.

Come to think of it, Disney's Atlantis and Treasure Planet are kind of Steampunk-like, too, but I don't know if they count. But I only don't know because we really don't know anything about Steampunk. But anyway, the pins are cute, and the storybook thing is intriguing. So we're definitely going to check them out once they're released! We should be able to get to Disneyland then...

Today I'm thankful for Wikipedia being fixed by the time we got to the library part, Celeste taking us to the store yesterday despite being in intense pain from getting her wisdom teeth pulled a few days ago and not getting home to her medicine, Oreo choosing to lounge around in places that aren't dark and hidden, getting to have cereal for breakfast, and having miniature cinnamon donuts to snack on later.
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