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More pictures!

Despite the lateness of our post, we actually did make it home from church right after choir practice today. It was kind of amazing, and it's all thanks to Ponyo. (I'm starting to think that Ponyo is an appropriate nickname for her, because she does magically save us from time to time.)

Anyway, since I don't want to think too hard about posting, and Athena was kind enough to resize some more Disneyland pics, I think we'll post some more of those today!

One of our favorite things about the outside of It's A Small World is the topiaries. Here, they're decorated for Christmas! (I took the pictures while on the boat in and out of the ride.)


I wasn't sure about this one until Athena told me, "It's a lion." I'm sure I knew at the time I took the picture, but it is kind of blurry, so.

When we got off the ride and started walking away, we noticed unusual sparkles all over the building. I have to apologize for this photo, though, because, novice photographer that I am, I forgot to turn the flash off. Han saw me take the picture and snapped, "Did you just leave the flash on!?" He later apologized and assured me he didn't think I was a terrible person.

The mysterious sparkles turned out to be a kind of psychedelic light show thingie. I only got one other picture, because I was too weirded out by the whole thing to get any more. Plus I suck as a photographer.

Here we have some photos of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and its magical light-up snow. Disneyland snow is magical enough to glow at night, of course!


I like this one because of the reflection on the moat.
I had a hard time getting it, because there was this lady standing there in the shot (that might be her very black silhouette in there), but after I finally got it, I think it was Han who pointed out that, since she was wearing Mickey Mouse ears, it might have worked out very well to say that Mickey was in the picture. Oh well.

And here is the gigantic tree on Main Street!

On to day two, this is a bunch of trees we saw while driving from our hotel to Disneyland. I think they were at the entrance to the Pinocchio parking lot, but I could be wrong. I thought they looked neat, so I took a picture, but I don't know if it turned out as cool as the actual thing, because Han had messed with the camera settings to take a picture of the fireworks crowd (we're going to see if we can remember to get him to stitch them all together before we post that one) and forgot to tell me about it until later.

This is one of my favorite decorations in the park! It's in line to the Indiana Jones ride, but since it's in the farthest part of the line from the ride, you only get to see it on crowded days, and only if you choose not to use a fast pass. Of course, they probably looked cooler when they still had fangs...

Usually litter at Disneyland makes me a little sad (or annoyed, when I'm feeling less generous), but this was also very amusing, so I took a picture.

I don't know why we needed another picture of the castle, but it sure looks nice.

I also don't know why we needed another picture of Fawn (from the Tinker Bell movies), but we got one anyway!

In line to see Tinker Bell, these flowers caught my attention. They're just so cute!

And finally, we have reached Pixie Hollow, in the middle of their Fall Revelry. It's actually the Autumn Revelry in the movie, but I guess they went with fall for the park attraction because it takes up less space? I don't know.

Next time, we'll have adorable pictures of Iridessa talking to Leia!

Today I'm thankful for getting a ride home from Ponyo today, having another lovely visit from my visiting teachers, creative placement of spoons, magical light-up snow, and double Fuyuumi-chans.
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