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Self defense and kitties

Oreo seems to be in search of a new place of refuge. He's probably sick of staying under the bed all the time. If only he would look around and realize that Page has stopped following him everywhere. Actually, Athena says the looking around is probably the problem, because she hasn't completely stopped following him, and she's there just enough to make him nervous.

On the other hand, last night Oreo came out to get some food and she watched him pass by, then watched him pass by again on his way back to hiding, and she almost didn't get up! Also, Oreo almost got settled right in the middle of the living room floor a mere few minutes ago! We are making progress!

But I was going to talk about the Relief Society activity on Thursday night. The male half of one of the service couples in our ward has been in law enforcement for decades, so the Relief Society president asked him to come talk to us about self defense and home safety. He brought in a martial artist from the ward, to teach us some moves to help us get out of trouble if necessary. We broke into two groups, and the police officer talked to one group while the martial artist talked to the other.

We were in the home safety group first, which we were happy about, because when they explained what we would be doing, the police officer pointed out that there had been some home invasions in the area lately (big groups breaking in while people are home!), so he would talk to us about how to prevent that kind of thing. But then he spent a looooooong long time talking about drugs! Aaaaahhh! Tell us how to not get our houses broken into!!!

It was pretty fascinating, though, in a very sad kind of way. He explained that the reason people resort to breaking into homes is that they're so addicted to drugs that 1)they need money for more and 2)their heads are really messed up so they couldn't get a real job even if they wanted to.

He also told stories that weren't entirely relevant but were pretty fun. For example, he used to be in one ward, but then he was on the stake high council and assigned to another ward for six years, and right after that he went to our ward, where he's been attending for the last six years, so when he went back to his home ward, people would be like, "Wow, I haven't seen you in ages!" and he would be like, "Yeah, I'm working with the home teachers and trying to come back to church..." Then he brought it around and made it relevant by talking about how he would home teach or counsel (as a bishop or high council member) guys who were struggling that he would then find getting into trouble (since he was a cop), and told us how if we're friends with these kids it can help them a lot, and everyone is fixable.

After being made paranoid about protecting our homes, it was time to learn some basic self defense moves. There was some less than pleasant talk about how if a guy has you in a choke hold, it's best to go for his eyes. Ick. And we practiced hitting the martial artist guy. He kept telling us not to worry about hitting him too hard, because he had big thick mats and he was trained to take hits (he's like a black belt or something). I don't know if that's a reflection of how against our programming it is to hit people, or if it just shows how weak we are, but I know I can't throw a punch to save my life. (It's okay though, because I'm alright at kicking.)

And somehow, all of this seemed a lot more interesting when it happened than when I was typing it up. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo coming out to enjoy the freshly vacuumed carpet, getting season one of Gargoyles for $8!, Mr. Clean magic erasers, getting 100% on Terra's story, and it being warm enough to open the windows without freezing to death (by which we mean sitting in an apartment cooler than 70 degrees; we are such wusses).
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