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Kitty adventure story!

Today's discovery: Corn Chex and chocolate milk do not mix. The chocolate from the milk was strong enough to completely cover up the cereal, but since I didn't want crunchy chocolate milk, it failed in its purpose of a delicious breakfast. It might work better with Rice Chex, because that's what they use for Chocolate Chex, which are Amazing. And so today we went to the store to get some normal milk, so we can enjoy our Corn Chex tomorrow.

When we got home from the store, we discovered that both the cats had emerged! But Oreo was still in hiding under the cat tree. He's been getting bolder, though. In fact, he's sitting right in the middle of the floor right now. (Now that he's scared Page away.)

Since Oreo was brave enough to come out of hiding, and since it was the cats' dinner time, Athena was going to reward them with food! And even put it in separate bowls so they wouldn't have to scare each other into giving up their turn at it. (Rather, Oreo would either scare Page away or go into hiding himself. Page probably wouldn't do anything.)

But while Athena was putting food into a bowl for Page and Oreo was sitting at his food, protecting it rather than eating it, Page dashed by! (Athena thinks it was kind of an, "I'm crossing over your line!" kind of taunting dash, but whatever her motive, it wasn't very bright.) Oreo was all like, "Oh no you didn't!" And jumped on her!

There was a skirmish, and Page ran to her favorite place of (non-)shelter in the corner formed by the couch and the wall, on the side by the doorway. Oreo raced after her! and there was another skirmish, but they stayed in the same place, because at this point Page was cornered. She was crouching there, looking so scared and so pitiful, while Oreo was towering over her, looking so formidable and threatening, and I thought, "Wow, what interesting poses and emotions!" so I took a picture! V! And that just goes to show how detached/sadistic I can be.

And another fault of mine shows through in that I'm way too lazy to upload that picture right now. I actually took a few, and I think they might be blurry again. It's definitely my shaky hands, though, because those cats were like stone statues.

After I got the pictures, I was like, "Okay, that's enough of that," so I said, "Okay, kitty," in an attempt to buy time while I figured out how to get between them and maybe take one of them out of the picture (by which I mean carrying them away, not killing them), but just the one line was enough for Page, and she dashed away to safety!

At that point Athena showed up with two bowls of cat food, but Oreo ran back to the safety of under the bed and Page... I guess she went to get some food, because I haven't seen her since. (It's been maybe ten, fifteen minutes.)

And that concludes our kitty adventure story for the day! In other news, I just wanted to mention that this volume of Gakuen Alice is kind of a tearjerker. *sniffle*

Today I'm thankful for both kitties being safe and relatively unharmed (as far as we can tell), getting to see Oreo being all cute and adorable and not under the bed, Fresh & Easy having ready-to-bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, getting to watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People last night (two hours of Irish accents! yay!), and having discovered for ourselves that chocolate milk is not a good choice to pour on Corn Chex.
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