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We should take this from a positive angle, and look at it as all the more motivation to get more work. So many things that will be coming out between now and the end of the year, not to mention the stuff that's already out that we want, like those two Gundam Seed Destiny Suit CDs, and the third one's coming out and it's Lacus and Meer! *whimper*

Of course I've already mentioned Decade. Based on information from Victor Entertainment's website, it looks like it is going to be a giant crossover. And of course they seem to be going to a hot spring. Always a hot spring. We're still really curious about why they list the drama CD and anime voice actors for Daisuke, but that's just another thing to look forward to.

CD Japan's trying to get us to come back to them, which is understandable, since we haven't made an order from them since like November. They gave us a coupon for 500yen. Actually, I think they may have given it to everyone who gets newsletters from them, but still.

And then there are some Saiyuki novels we need to get, and yesterday Kazuya Minekura said something in her weblog about Ichijinsha releasing a new version of Saiyuki Gaiden 1 and! we'll finally be getting Gaiden 2! Or at least, we will if we have the money. The Japanese public will, anyway. That'll be around the end of the year.

And the video games! Ah! Our three favorite serieseses all releasing a new game this year! Okay, so Final Fantasy XII is slated for January 1 last we checked, but close enough.

And to make matters worse, I had one of my, "TV Tokyo should be posting more afreco reports!" moments where I go to check if they have. This was because I was thinking too much about Ueki no Housoku, and I really want to hear Ishida-san's and Hoshi-san's thoughts on the series. They didn't have any afreco reports or interviews, but they did have information on character singles that will start coming out in, of course, September, less than a week after Decade. Athena was so logical, and said, "That's okay, we'll wait for the compiled albu...oh." The "oh" was when she saw that the bonus track for each CD is a "cast message." The cast message thing makes me sad that they don't seem likely to be releasing an Inumaru CD. Oh well--at least we should be getting Sano. If we don't get any other Ueki no Housoku single, we have to at least get Sano's.
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