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Whew, we actually managed to get home at a semi-regular time today! We came very close to being stranded again, actually. The sad thing is, today we were sure we already had a ride home.

See, last week, the Relief Society president asked me if I would play a piano solo in Relief Society on the third Sunday of the month (next week), and when I agreed, she said she would talk to Sister S (the woman I took one organ lesson from) about finding something for me to play. The week goes by, and we hear nothing about any music for a piano solo, until yesterday, when Pres called and asked if I would still be comfortable playing a solo if I were to get the music today (with just one week to practice). I was still fine with it, so the idea was after choir practice, we would all go to Sisters S's house to find some music for next week. We assumed that since Pres would already be driving us around, we might as well get to go home in the deal.

As it turned out, RS Pres didn't make it to choir practice. That was okay--we would find her afterward, and in the meantime, we would pester the substitute choir director in exactly the same way we would pester the regular choir director, had she been there. The regular choir director had told the substitute choir director to separate us, ostensibly because we need to learn to blend with choir members other than each other. This would have been a little less irksome if the other sopranos had not been sitting in such a way as to prevent our hearing them at all. I wonder if the choir director just wants us apart so we won't be talking to each other during the all of rehearsal (which we would totally deserve), but the first time she separated us was right before a performance, so.

Anyway. After choir practice, we went to the bishop's office to pay tithing and because that's where we usually find Relief Society Pres, but she wasn't there. We searched the building! ...actually, we only searched the halls, but the rest of the building was in use by Mom's ward. But anyway, we searched the halls! and didn't find her anywhere. We suspect she went home right after church, because her family was probably wanting to get together for stuff. Forgetting all about the poor Twins in need of sheet music and a ride home. So we hung out by the bishop's office and talked to Donald until Mom's ward got out and Mom and Steve drove us home. And because of Daylight Savings Time, it almost felt like we got home on time!

Today I'm thankful for not being bored while waiting for a way home, getting to have triple chocolate milkshakes last night (maybe we'll have more tonight!), having enough ingredients to have more triple chocolate milkshakes, getting a ride home, and getting some "vitamins" from the bishop's office.
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