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Where does the time go?

We took the day off today, but it doesn't feel like we've gotten much in by way of non-job work or relaxing. This may have something to do with sleeping in for an hour and a half (and it was a wonderful hour and a half; we really need to get to sleep sooner), but I think it's mostly just that we have so much that we want to do.

We watched a couple of episodes of FullMetal Alchemist, and one episode of Shugo Chara, and wow that's it? Not really, but mostly. We also did laundry, which turned into a crisis when we found an unknown clump in the already-washed clothes. At first we were like, "Oh, the heat from the drier should kill any germs that might have come from it, and the clothes look and smell fine!" But we couldn't let it go, so we decided to rewash them for peace of mind. This is mostly only annoying because of the extra $2.50 we had to spend. Normally I wouldn't begrudge a mere $2.50, but when it has to all be in quarters, I get irritated. Oh well, I'll get over it.

We also! took a lovely walk in the rain. It wasn't pouring or anything, just one of those nice, kind of rainy afternoons. Of course, we hate to go out walking for no reason, and we actually had a goal in mind. We needed to go to Fresh & Easy to buy a gallon of chocolate milk. That's right. A gallon of chocolate milk. It's all part of our dream of having a supply of ingredients for triple chocolate milkshakes: chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate syrup. Stir them all up and bam! triple chocolate milkshake. We got the ice cream and syrup last time we went on a regular shopping trip, and now we finally have the milk, so we are set!

But we probably won't have time to have any tonight, because we're off to our friend's house for Ponyo! Yay! We talked to her about it at FHE last night, and she said there would also be pizza, and she wanted to play some games. She asked if we had any that we liked, and we only own games that we like, and she said, "I wish somebody had, like, Disney Scene It..." And we were like, "We do, we do!!!" And she was like, "Somehow, I knew you would." And now we finally get to play Disney Scene It with people who actually want to play it with us. They might even give us a run for our money! Yikes! So that's pretty exciting.

The other exciting thing is that we got princess cupcakes! That's right. Princess cupcakes! According to the description on the box, they're white cake with "perfect pink" icing. And they have princess in the name! I hope they taste good. Fresh & Easy also had some very yummy-looking chocolate cupcakes, but we decided not to get them because we only had so much cash, they cost a dollar extra, and it's good to not always give yourself everything you want.

Now if only we could figure out what it is you're supposed to do to get Heal Strike...

Today I'm thankful for princess cupcakes!, having all the ingredients for triple chocolate milkshakes, oh my goodness there are stores that sell entire gallons of chocolate milk (this has probably been true for a while, but it's still kind of like, "Really?"), getting to get together with friends and play Disney Scene It, and getting to sleep in for an hour and a half this morning.
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