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In case anybody was wondering how the new Domino's was... we're still wondering that ourselves. There aren't any places around that deliver to our apartment. Boo. So, because nobody wanted to go out of their way to obtain the pizza, we ordered from Pizza Hut instead, which is good because Pizza Hut pizza tastes great, but not so good because it was more expensive, and we're a little bit worried about funds. It doesn't help that Fresh & Easy has these cupcakes that we wanted to get when we walked over there to obtain the chocolate milk to help us make triple-chocolate milkshakes. But we need to save our money, because we are in desperate need of a trip to Disneyland.

In other news, Athena's visiting teaching companion called today to invite us over to watch Ponyo with her and some other friends tomorrow night, which is pretty exciting. It will be even more exciting if we get to watch it in Japanese, but we don't know what anybody's preferences are, and Athena seems to remember her brother saying something about her preferring dubs. (I'm too tired to come up with pseudonyms for people right now.) Fortunately, we haven't seen the movie in Japanese yet, and the dub isn't terrible (most dubs really aren't terrible, just not great) so it should be fun either way.

Speaking of dubs, we thought we had sworn off of English-dubbed video games entirely, but our poor-streak went on for so long that now Final Fantasy XIII has gone and been released in North America already. We usually just don't think about it, but we really do want to play it, and it has come to Mom's attention that she still owes Athena a Christmas present. (I think she found out from an entry I posted the other day. I didn't mean to complain about it, except in the sense of explaining how whiny we were at the time of the events I was posting about.)

Actually, to be more specific, Athena was given a gift certificate promising a video game from Game Stop, and it was supposed to be from Kimee in a gift exchange that limited the price to $25. FF13 costs a lot more than that, so of course we weren't going to ask for the whole game. Just $25 to help off-set the cost. Not that we can afford to spend extra money on video games--we are in desperate need of a trip to Disneyland. Plus, we still haven't decided whether or not we're willing to sit through the dub. But on the other hand, FF13 was made for PS3 and HD and all that fancy stuff, so the subtitles are reeeeeeeeeeally tiny (we know because we played the demo). And since we don't have an HDTV, it's nearly impossible to read them. But if we get the game in English, not only would it be a lot easier, but it would be less necessary. But Japanese voices are so much nicer!

Anyway. I remembered the thing I really wanted to talk about yesterday. We were stuck trying to find a word or something, and Page was sitting on my lap. You know, in that half-standing kind of way cats have. And she was just so huggable that I hugged her! And, unlike Oreo or Mimsy would have done, she didn't leave. So I hugged her again! I was so excited (and probably in need of a hug) that I squeezed just a little tighter each time (never enough to strangle her or anything though), and then after about the fifth hug... she chomped on me! Either she was sick of me, or she was just waiting from the first hug for me to keep adding to my crimes until she could justifiably chomp on me.

I'm guessing that latter, as she is currently once again testing to see just how close she can get to Oreo. This is dangerous territory--she got a cut the other day that looks like Oreo might have taken her toe off if it had gotten too deep. Seeing it made us realize just how important it is for us to get a first-aid kit.

Today I'm thankful for first-aid kits (we really need to get one), Page still having all her toes, the pizza only being ten minutes late last night, the cheering power of the Black Mages, and Page deciding she didn't need to get that close to Oreo after all.
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