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But waiting is half the fun!

Here we are, anxiously waiting for the next episode of Eyeshield 21.  I shake my head at myself.  But Sena is just so cute!

...Yes, his name is Sena.  Just like the stupid member of Weiss in Gluhen.  You can see why I'm so upset.  But... but... when the girl was telling him, "And now you can make friends!" and he's like, "I had friends in middle school..." and imagined the guys that made him their slave and beat him up and she pointed to the thought bubble and said, "Those aren't friends."  It's just so cute.  And kind of reminiscent of The Weekenders.

Hmm... our mp3s seem to be slower than I remember them.  I wonder if all our downloading is slowing them down.  Maybe we should defragment our computer.

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