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A few things I wanted to point out, but forgot

First! The reason I used Angelic Layer as an example of a fighting show that's got nothing on Ueki no Housoku is that it's one that we really enjoyed. I should have pointed that out the first time.

Second, we realized that the anonymous poster may have been referring to getting drunk and playing Mario Party as a nonsensical waste of life. Let us assure you that we neither drink nor play Mario Party (it's too stressful; I bet even Hakkai could lose consecutively at Mario Party). But again, I don't know that one night of drunken Mario Party consists of a waste of an entire life, unless it spawns an addiction to either alcohol or Mario Party. It was just a theory anyway, because the stages in The Law of Ueki resemble the mini-games in Mario Party. Get it? Ha ha ha ha... ha ha... ha...

Lastly, sometimes I kind of lie about what my current music is. *gasp!* I know, I'm a terrible, terrible person. It's just that, when I'm not listening to music, I don't always have anything on in my head, or what's in my head is completely inappropriate to the post, and we're all about the drama, so sometimes a post has to have matching music. So I pick something more fitting. And although Falco is pretty easy to get stuck in your head, sometimes, it just won't overpower something like "Love Love! Chuっ Chuっ!"
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