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Yikes, today we finished work early and we still ended up here late. We were pretty excited to finish Maid-sama! 6, too. It's a fun series, but because of unexpected happenings last week, it's taken longer than usual. So it feels like we were working on it forever (which we weren't, really, but I guess the preliminary reading might have also made it seem like a longer process), and we're excited to move on to another series! Especially one that isn't as text-heavy. And the proofreading was taking so long we were afraid we might not finish it until tomorrow, so when we finished it early today, we were pretty happy. Our next assignment from TokyoPop is Gakuen Alice after all, but we're going to work on Oh! My Brother first. It's due sooner, and not as likely to melt our brains.

After we finished work, Athena got the mail, and we got half of the checks we've been waiting for! We thought we'd probably get two checks from one company, but we actually got one check each from two companies. Oh well, either way, now we can start getting back on the financial track. And in the spirit of getting back on track financially, we decided to go searching for the bills from last year, so we could add things up and figure out how much we could deduct. That ended up taking about an hour. Oy.

But we have learned our lesson, and Athena got a big manila envelope which has now been labeled "2010 bills," so we can put all the bills in it and know exactly where to look for next year! Yay!

And here I've been planning on posting Disneyland pictures for three days now and having other things come up that I wanted to talk about. Not that taxes is all that interesting. Hm. But it just doesn't seem right to combine the pictures into a post about taxes, and it would take a long time, and we're ready to be done here.

But first! we found out that My Darling! Miss Bancho hits bookstores THIS VERY WEEK!!! Everybody check it out, because it's awesome!

Today I'm thankful for getting more checks in the mail, finding what we could find involving taxes, finishing work early so we had time to search for stuff, turning in our Maid-sama! translation today, and having a Johann Strauss II CD.
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