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Since we started choir practice, it's getting harder and harder to get home from church. But more on that later, because the most amazing thing happened this morning.

Our friend came to pick us up for church, and Page dashed away somewhere, but we wanted to give Oreo a break from her, since she's been loose all week. I opened the door and told our friend to come in, we may take a few minutes because Page just ran under... well, not under the bed because that's where Oreo is. But then Athena said, "No, she really is under the bed." And all Oreo did was watch her. ...Until she got too close, at which point he hissed at her. She walked away from him and eventually out from under the bed, where she was promptly captured and locked in the spare bedroom for much longer than we had planned.

Church was pretty amazing. We had our last temple prep lesson, which was actually lesson number three out of six, because they went out of order for some reason, but it was the one on all the blessings you get from going to the temple, so we're pretty excited to start attending. Then we had a Relief Society lesson on setting goals, where they repeated the quote from Alice in Wonderland about how the Cheshire Cat can't tell her which way to go, because it depends on where she wants to get to. And we're like, "But we don't know where we want to get to!" But that's okay, because that's part of why we're going to the temple.

Choir practice was pretty much the same as always, and then we had a meeting with the bishop. We discussed the possibility of setting a date to get our endowments, but the date we wanted (April 6th) also happens to be the next time the stake presidency is giving temple recommend interviews, and we can't go to the temple until after we've had those interviews. So anyway, we set the dates for the interviews (bishop first, then stake president), and we'll have to decide on a different one for going to the temple. We thought about going on our birthday, since that's a big day for us, but we're a little selfish in that regard and we reeeeeeeally wanted to give ourselves a Disneyland party for our birthday. Then we remembered that we were baptized on May 5th, but that's kind of far away. On the other hand, if we get our endowments on May 5th, that will be exactly twenty years after our baptisms, so we can't quite rule it out.

When we were done meeting with the bishop, the only people from our ward who were left were people who had to stay at the church, so we couldn't get a ride home. Instead, we chatted with the Relief Society president until it was time for Mom's ward to get out. When they finally did, we went to go find them, but as we left, the bishop's clerk asked if we were going to stay for Break the Fast. We said no, at first, but after we talked to Mom about what would end up happening if we went with her (basically we'd go to Mom's house where they would be having dinner that we didn't want to eat, but we could make grilled cheese sandwiches for ourselves; not necessarily a bad plan, but we were still fasting, and we didn't have the greatest time over there last week, so we were hoping to get home sooner).

So we decided to stay for our ward's Break the Fast, and see if we could catch a ride then. Yes, we were still fasting, but we would be less tempted to break our fast at Break the Fast (ironic, I know) than at Mom's house. We had a good time talking with a few people, but we somehow managed to end up rideless again. (Though RS Pres. said if we could stay an extra hour, she could drive us home.)

In that case, we decided to walk to Mom's house, since it was only a few blocks away. We got there right as Sarah and her husband had started making chocolate chip cookies. We explained the situation, and Mom called Celeste out to drive us home, but, horrible opportunists that we are, we decided to stick around and see if we could take home any extra cookies. It works out, because the majority of the people in that house all the time are dieting, and they wouldn't want any extra cookies lying around.

It turned out to be a good decision, too, because we got to spend some quality time with Celeste and Sarah, and now we have plans to get together for pizza and America's Next Top Model on Wednesday. I'm still a little confused as to why we didn't just go to Mom's to begin with, but I'm kind of glad we didn't. It was nice to talk to so many people.

And now we're home, and Oreo is back to growling at/hiding from Page.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take home a lot of extra cookies, finally making our way home, our friend driving us to church today (it had been so long since we'd asked her (because we were constantly needing to go early) that we weren't sure she'd come, and I brilliantly (in the ironic sense) didn't call her), miraculous kitty occurrences, and also getting to take home some whole grain brown-and-serve rolls.
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