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So far, today's highlight came when Oreo walked into the kitchen, braving a Page-infested apartment, to see if he could get an early dinner. (Athena says he thinks it's an on-time dinner, but he's wrong. He always thinks it's dinner time at four o'clock, but it's actually not until four-thirty.) We were so happy to see him that Athena was glad to reward him with an early dinner, but Page showed up just in time to scare him into the pantry before he could have any. Fortunately, she joined us in the living room, and Oreo was able to have some early dinner, too. Then he decided to hang out in the dining room, because it was the one place (other than the pantry, which he must be really tired of by now) he wouldn't have to pass by Page to get to.

...And telling that story had me wondering where Page was, so Athena went to find her, and, of course, she was in the dining room. So where's Oreo? In the cat carrier that has been left on the dining room floor. It's kind of funny how he'll go there for refuge, but as soon as we try to put him in there, it's the one place he doesn't want to go. Okay, so it's actually not that funny, because it's pretty obvious as to why that would be.

Anyway. We got an e-mail from the guy in charge of that stuff for DC Comics, reminding all the professionals to get their professional registration for San Diego Comic-Con, and we're actually thinking about it. After last year, we were so done with Comic-Con. First of all, that's a looooooooooong train ride. Second of all, we like our money to stay in our bank account, and not in the accounts of hotels. This comes in large part from the fact that we're having such a hard time getting our money into our bank account in the first place, and the last time we were able to really splurge on anything was last year's Comic-Con. So it's really easy to blame Comic-Con for our serious lack of funds for the last several months.

On the other hand, Celeste was watching some TV show about this celebrity matchmaker or something, and the matchmaker said that the best place to go to find rich husbands is Comic-Con. (Oh right, I haven't mentioned the whole divorce thing. Sigh.) So she started saying, "The Twins are going to take me to Comic-Con this year." And we were like, "That would be a lot more believable if we were actually going to Comic-Con." Besides, four-day registration had already sold out, and why would we want to bother going for only one day? That is a looooooooooooong train ride.

But you know, we just can't resist the idea of going to events we enjoy with people. And, despite our serious lack of funds since, and the fact that we tend to be burned out for conventions after Anime Expo anyway, we really did enjoy Comic-Con. And chibidrunksanzo says she's going. And we figure Capcom will be there, and even though they won't necessarily be promoting an Ace Attorney game, it might be nice to show them some Ace Attorney costumes (assuming we actually, like, make them), and what if Don Hahn's there again?

At any rate, if registration is free, we might as well see if we can get that, at least. And we can decide what we want to do about transportation and lodging in the meantime. Or decide not to go, and we won't have lost anything. Except the time it took us to register. But I'm guessing that will take less time than what I've already taken writing this entry about it. And definitely less time than the train ride.

Today I'm thankful for professional registration, being done with the first draft of Maid-sama! 6 (I won't have to type Yukimura's name again until next time! but I'll probably have to fix spellings on a few more instances), Oreo coming out to ask for food! yay!, Supernanny being on tonight, and not missing the first episode of the new cycle of America's Next Top Model.
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