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On Tuesday, when we were being excited about having friends and stuff, we had more reasons than just Leia coming over. A loooong time ago, we went to a slumber party that was really a front to heart-attack the guys in the ward who had gone camping for an elders' quorum activity. One of the girls we befriended there is now a counselor in the Relief Society, and she called to get my visiting teaching report. During the phone call, she mentioned that her birthday is at the end of the week, and asked if we would be interested in joining her and a bunch of other girls at a restaurant to celebrate.

Of course we would be happy to join them! We've been thinking we need to stop turning down invitations, for one thing. And we've also been thinking we need to be more outgoing. Not only that, but we've been getting a little more experience with restaurants lately. We used to always hate going because we weren't sure how to behave in restaurants and it made us very nervous. But now that we're more used to it, restaurants are nice, because we can order whatever we want, so we don't have to worry about sitting there with nothing on our plates and having to answer a bunch of awkward questions about being picky.

What I forgot about was the possibility of ethnic food.

We got the official invite from Facebook today, and the party is going to be at a Thai restaurant. Why oh why couldn't she have liked Italian? We checked online for the menu and it's not looking particularly good for us. There aren't even any exciting desserts! (Dessert is usually what saves us in these situations.) Oh well, we can't afford to go anyway unless we get a check tomorrow or Saturday. Maybe she'll be at FHE tonight and we can discuss.

In a complete change of subject, thanks to Twitter, we were alerted to Yuu Asakawa's blog entry about going to Anime Expo! She said she'd heard about AX from lots of people and she's wanted to go every year, but they never asked her and she figured she just wasn't famous enough. She's still not sure why they asked her this year, but she's happy they asked her. Also, she said she checked "yes" on the form when it asked if she wanted an interpreter, despite the fact that her teacher has told her to refuse all interpreters. (She also said that that's a secret, but since she said it in her blog, I think it's okay to say it here, too...?) But she'll do her best not to use the interpreter! That's kind of exciting, because it's always neat when the guests of honor speak English. I don't know why; it just is for some reason.

Today I'm thankful for being invited to birthday parties, the rare occasions when I don't make any mistakes when typing "Yukimura," Italian food, bunny ears, and awesome videos of Mickey Mouse dancing at Disney World.
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