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We should get a Berry Berry icon.

Whew, I didn't realize how exhausting proofreading can be. I think it comes from not having any music on while we were doing it. But we couldn't just put in a CD, because we didn't know how long it would take and what if we finished it and the CD was only halfway over and we didn't have anything to do while it finished? I know what you're thinking, but we can't just turn it off! It wouldn't be fair to all those songs that would be waiting to be listened to! Of course, the proofreading took so long that we probably would have had time for a whole CD, but we couldn't have known that.

Anyway. Leia came over today and we watched Get Backers! Yay! After about three episodes, she started falling asleep (she had been up really late last night watching the Hanazakari Kimitachi e drama), so we turned off the anime and chatted. Then Han called because he was having car troubles, so she had to go. So we figured we could get some more Work done, but then we remembered that last night the bishop sent us the ward newsletter for proofreading, so we decided to do that instead. Turns out that was a good idea, because if we had already been exhausted from work, exhausting ourselves further with proofreading would have been bad, especially since we would be impatient to get to stuff. Plus, we weren't planning on getting any more Work done today, anyway.

In other news, today is Kurumi and Sasahime's birthday! Yay! They're the main characters of Berry Berry, and we only know it's their birthday because Banri Hidaka posted about it on her blog. She says she always thinks of the height, blood type, family composition, and birthday of all her characters, even if it's never going to come up in the story. I wonder if she started that all the way at the beginning of her career and Ichihisa always had five siblings. Hidaka-sensei says she also celebrates her characters birthdays♥

Speaking of the Akiyoshis, it looks like Kazuha's going to be at Anime Expo this year! Wao! More specifically, Yuu Asakawa, the actress who voiced Kazuha in the I Hate You♥ CD dramas is going to be there. We weren't thinking we'd be wanting an autograph from her until just now when we remembered that we have one of those CD dramas. How crazy would that be? We'd show it to her, and she'd be like, "Whoa, I was in this?" (Maybe she has a better memory, but I do remember one voice actor commenting about how people brought things for him to sign that he didn't remember being in. Of course, that could have been a mistake on the part of the attendees... I don't know.) At any rate, since the Haruka cast are still strongly attached to the series, it looks like we'll be bringing Eisen and Yasuaki back to AX. And maybe we'll actually finish Atsumori and Lizvan (or however it's spelled).

Today I'm thankful for having Leia over (oh! we got her permission to post pictures of her, and we were going to maybe do that, but then the proofreading took so long), getting to try cinnamon & sugar pita chips (they're crunchy like chips, but fill your mouth like bread!), peanut-butter-filled pretzels, Oreo not actually hitting Page even though she infiltrated his secret(?) lair, and being done with that proofreading for the month.
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