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Pink grapefruit

We have just experienced pink grapefruit tic-tacs. They start out tasting like something sweet. Then the breath-mintiness hits. And then they start to taste like grapefruit, which is really just sour pulp (and yet we're fond of the juice...), and in the end they taste like drinking grapefruit juice after brushing your teeth. But all in all not an entirely bad experience. Unless you hate grapefruit.

And how did we come to be in possession of pink grapefruit tic-tacs? We went to the store, of course. See, Leia called at about quitting time and asked if she could come over tomorrow. This was perfect timing, because we actually needed to call her or Han anyway. We need to get temple clothes, and we could either order them online, or we could use it as an excuse to go to the Los Angeles distribution center and thence to Disneyland. We like the latter option, so we needed to discuss it with the people who could help us make it happen. But we only came up with the plan on Sunday, and yesterday we were too distracted with stuff and things and whatnot.

We did some tidying, and then, deciding it would be best to have some snacks just in case we got hungry, we walked to the 99cents Only Store, where we got... a bunch of snacks for ourselves that wouldn't really work in a get-together situation. Oy. That's where we found the tic-tacs. Fortunately, Fresh & Easy was on the way home, and free of picketers, so we hopped inside (okay, so we actually walked, but hopping is more fun) and got some things that are better for sharing. Yay!

Other productivity involved fixing my e-mail. Yesterday, either while we were messing with anti-virus software or while Page was lying on top of the keyboard (seriously, she was covering the whole thing), something happened to make it so Outlook wouldn't connect to my e-mail account. We didn't have time (or didn't think we did) to figure out the problem until we finished work today, and now that it's fixed, it feels like a brand new, happy world has opened up. In actuality, we've just restored the world to what it was before, so I don't know where the new world thing comes from, but that's what it feels like.

I still have grapefruit taste on my tongue.

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to try new tic-tac flavors (orange is still by far the best), Leia coming over tomorrow, having snacks to share, having snacks to hoard, and getting the e-mail fixed.
Tags: computer issues, friends, temple, tic-tacs

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