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Long day, long entry

Today turned out to be a lot longer than expected. It started out with having to go to church early, because Athena's visiting teachers wanted to get their visiting teaching done. See, the Relief Society and the Elders' Quorum have a bet going on to see which organization can get more of their visiting/home teaching done, and this month (February) is the one that counts. We think that's why there's been a little extra motivation, but it would have been nice to not get up early today.

It was kind of funny when the visiting teaching was happening, too. See, the reason (according to the logic in my head) they couldn't just come over was that they wanted to visit both Athena and their other visiting taught at the same time, and probably also not end up driving all over town to different people's homes (the slackers). But the other girl they visit teach happens to be my visiting teacher (along with the bishop's wife), so when they all sat down together, she was the one asking everyone, "So how are you doing?" And later, she asked Athena, "Oh yeah, did you get that check you've been waiting for?" When Athena said no, she said, "Well if you need anything, call me!" We just think it's amusing that a fellow visiting taught was acting like a visiting teacher.

Anyway. Church had a couple of good talks on charity, there were cinnamon rolls at temple prep class (which turned out to be especially good, because we got all the extras and it turned out we needed them), Relief Society had a great lesson on God's love, and then it was time for choir practice. Actually, I went to choir practice while Athena did her visiting teaching (she's not a slacker, but her visiting taught were unavailable/not feeling well last week). And choir practice ended early, which would have worked out great, because then we could catch a ride home with Athena's visiting teaching companion (who also is a huge fan of Ponyo). Except that things didn't work out that way.

See, the choir performed last week, and Disneyland Associate Donald (who is not in the choir because 1) we already have way more guys than girls, and 2) he and the choir director don't see eye to eye) had some comments. Donald has been in several choirs before moving to Fresno, and he doesn't like how the choir director does things. One of the things CD does is insist on having the women stand behind the men, even though men are taller and therefore tend to hide all the women. The reasoning for this is that women have more piercing voices, which are guaranteed to carry over the men's deeper voices. If you consider an orchestra, and how all the bigger, lower-pitched instruments are in the back every time, this doesn't make a lot of sense.

So last week, after we performed, he told us that he could neither see nor hear the women, as they were constantly overshadowed by the men. We had always disagreed with CD's choir seating practices (she likes to change the arrangement every time, meaning we waste a lot of time trying to figure out where we're supposed to sit when we could be warming up (apparently we're supposed to do that before we get to rehearsal)), so we thought, "Yes! A comment from the congregation! We can relay this comment and maybe fix things a little!" And that's just what I decided to do.

Before practice started, I went straight to CD and told her that last week we got a comment that the women were neither seen nor heard. She asked who made the comment, and, foolishly, I told her. She said, "I'll take care of it," and that was the end of the conversation. Then she asked me if I really wanted to sing alto, like she'd heard, and so it's been determined that I'll go back and forth between soprano and alto. I think Athena might have been included in this if she had been there, but really none of that was important, because now that I'd ratted Donald out, I had to go warn him and apologize.

So after choir practice, I found Donald talking to Celeste. He wasn't too upset about my tattling; he's used to dealing with CD, apparently. But since he and Celeste were talking, there was fun conversation, so when Athena finished visiting teaching, instead of asking her companion, "Hey, can we get a ride home?" we just kept talking with Celeste and Donald. Then Donald left to go face CD and Celeste left because she was actually attending Mom's ward and she needed to go to Relief Society, so off we went to find someone from our ward to take pity on us and drive us home.

But they were all gone, every last one of them! It was amazing! This had never happened before! Okay, it kind of happened one time like five years ago, but that was more because we didn't know anyone, and now we know people. Anyway, now we were stuck with no ride home, so we decided to wait until Mom's ward got out. This is why it turned out to be very fortunate that we had cinnamon rolls, because the leftovers were what we had for lunch.

When Mom and Celeste got out of Relief Society, we hitched a ride with them to Mom's house, where we stayed and finished the kitten puzzle that had taken up residency on their dining table. It was kind of boring for part of it when we weren't making much progress and everyone else was on their own computer (isn't the point of puzzles to give you something to do while you have fun conversations?), but we did finish it! It was pretty cute, but also kind of reminiscent of Dolores Umbridge, so... But it was nice to finish it.

After we got home, we took a long time catching up on Twitter (Wil Wheaton's commentary on the USA/Canada hockey game was pretty funny), and then we were going to update LJ, but Oreo had taken over the bathroom, which needed to be used. So we had to see if we could distract Page long enough to let Oreo escape, but he showed no interest in leaving, so we ended up hanging out with kitties for about half an hour and then having dinner, and now we have finally updated Live Journal.

Today I'm thankful for having a good day at church, getting to take the leftover cinnamon rolls, finishing that puzzle, still having Baked! Ruffles (we were planning to eat them today, but the way things worked out, saving them for tomorrow turned into a better option), and still being able to get home after every single person in our ward left (though strangely, after Mom's ward got out, one of our former home teachers was spotted roaming the halls; Celeste said he had only just arrived).
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