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We've been taking the day off today! Wooooooo!! Actually, it probably is a really good thing, after Portrait of M & N. That series is intense. But we've been over that. The plan was to spend the day playing Ace Attorney, but thanks to Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas!, we'll probably read some manga, too. Here we were a little worried, because when we had to reorder Maid-sama, that Kinokuniya sent us an e-mail saying they would ship the order in two to three business days, so we thought we might not get it until Monday, and then we'd be stuck taking more time off while catching up on Maid-sama.

...And while we went to our e-mail to track the package with the rest of our manga, we discovered a link to this talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks or the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It's his address to Harvard explaining what it is exactly that Mormons believe in.

I know I've linked to a few such things before, but this one is probably the most... um... comprehensive? I think that's the word I want, but it's not like it goes into every tiny little detail. But it does, we think, give a really good overview. So we really hope you'll all read it (or bookmark it for later)!

Anyway, I guess I ought to finish that thought. So we wanted to get Maid-sama over the weekend, because if it came on Monday, not only would we have to take the day off Monday (because we wouldn't have it yet), we'd probably have to take the day off on Tuesday so we could read it, and with that many days off, we might as well have just started on Oh! My Brother instead. But we had already determined to take today off. So fortunately Kinokuniya does indeed have shipping ninjas.

In other news, and I completely forgot about this because today has been spent so thoroughly absorbed in Ace Attorney Land, but the cats! We decided that locking Page away at night gave Oreo a "safe time" to come out, and if he hid all the time that wasn't "safe," he would never get used to her. So last night we took a chance and let Page stay free, and! we didn't wake up to a cat fight! But Oreo is still stubbornly under the bed. And hissing and growling at her when she comes close. But, realizing that it might be pushing it to force Oreo out from under the bed, Athena moved most of the cat food to where he is (lack of food sometimes makes him vomit, so we'd rather deal with the possibility of crumbs on the floor), and so Page will get close to him to get some of it. And! he doesn't pounce on her! Yay!

And we probably ought to get to that reading. Today I'm thankful for another great talk by Elder Oaks, another brilliant delivery thanks to Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas (they're so smart they even made sure not to distract us with the other package--though it would be nice to have it for when Athena's done with volume five and I'm reading it), perforation that actually works (yay!), the cats making it through the night without fighting, and a nice relaxing day of Ace Attorny.
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