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We're trying to figure out what lesson we're supposed to learn from this very very long stint of "the check should be here any day now! but not today." It got old a couple of months ago, so we're not really digging it now. All we want to do is get the money we earned so we can pay our rent, pay our bills, make credit card payments, buy food, pay taxes, buy manga, go to Disneyland, buy some DVDs, and start saving to go to Disney World. Is that so much to ask?

Fortunately, we haven't had any trouble getting money from TokyoPop in all this (hopefully that will continue), and we have enough money to last until that "any day now" when we should get the other checks we've been waiting for (most likely after we e-mail the people in charge). This is especially important, because we need to make a manga order. We'll be starting Maid-sama on volume six, and the only copy of volume five was being used by the rewriter at the time we got our reference material.

Now the problem is figuring out how much manga we can afford to buy, because it's been so very very long since we've ordered any that we've accumulated quite a list. At the rate things are going, we're almost afraid we won't be able to make another manga order for a long time to come after this one, which is sad because Berry Berry comes out in about three weeks. We don't want to wait to make this order, because apparently TokyoPop is speeding up their Gakuen Alice release schedule, so it's looking like we need to pick up the pace on... just about everything. Well, everything for TokyoPop.

Incidentally, the first draft script for Portrait of M & N ended up being three hundred pages long. Our longest Gakuen Alice script was 262 pages, to give you an idea of how much more intense M&N is text-wise. We have a script for Happy Cafe that ended up at about 284 or something like that, but that series has a lot of !?s and ......s that eat up space.

Anyway, that being the case, I think we figured out why it is all the people whose series we took over decided not to translate them anymore. We haven't actually worked on Maid-sama yet, but from what we've read, it looks like it'll be about the same.

Today I'm thankful for being done with the main typing part of M&N, work requiring a manga order, figuring out how to get some of those commands that had been eluding us in Birth by Sleep, still having chocolate, and still having cereal in case we can't get to the store tonight.
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