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Last night we sat down to watch another disc of s-CRY-ed in the two hours between Wheel of Fortune and Castle. We're at the four-episodes-per-disc part of the series, so we figured it wouldn't be a problem. But we kept having interruptions!

First, I noticed a cat going into the kitchen to get food, and only discovered that it wasn't Page when Page ran off Athena's lap to investigate. We paused the DVD for a few minutes while we waited to make sure they weren't going to have a battle. Then we had another interruption as Oreo discovered once again why binging is a bad idea. (He's been hiding under the bed most of the time, so when he finally braves going out for food, he's a very hungry kitty.)

We checked the clock and it looked like we should have time to finish the DVD before Castle... as long as there weren't any more interruptions.

I think you can see where this is going. But! the interruption itself was from a completely unexpected source. There was a knock at the door.

Knocks on our door are very rare, especially that late at night. (Actually, we had had a night visitor earlier, as Mom came to drop off some chocolate on her way to Costco (nobody at her house can eat it because they all started dieting).) We figured it was probably somebody who had the wrong door, and indeed, when I answered it there was nobody around.

But then I looked down and found a cute little Easter basket with candy (of course), two plush toys, and a card. The card (which I'm too lazy to go get for reference, plus I have a cat on me) said something to the effect of, "We hope when you see these toys you'll remember that somebody loves you," and was signed "Anonymous." (Time out for the best Hey! Arnold quote ever: "Everyone knows who Anonymous is. He's that famous poet guy.")

And we were like "Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!"

At the same time, I was like, "But I wasn't wallowing in self-pity today! Somebody else might have needed this more!" And then I remembered a story where Brother H talked about when he and his wife were struggling to get by while he was in med school, but they were at a point where they were doing a little better when the bishop or the stake president or somebody told him that an anonymous benefactor wanted to provide a turkey dinner for his family for Christmas. He hesitated to accept, thinking of all the other people he knew that could use help, and almost refused, when the person he was talking to got a bit of an edge in his voice and said, "Has it ever occurred to you that this person might want to do this just because they like you, and not because they feel sorry for you?"

So thinking about it, it's probably better that the anonymous gift came on a day when we weren't wallowing in self-pity, because we have a bad habit of sometimes thinking that people only do things for us out of pity. We also have a bad habit of thinking that people only care about us for our manga updates, which is why we haven't mentioned Portrait of M & N, even though we turned in the contract and have been working on it for the past few workdays.

I think we have found the king (or queen?) of text-dense manga in this one. On the other hand, Higuchi-sensei's sound effects tend to be tiny, so the text is not really dense in proportion to the art, but the amount of text is staggering. I think the format might partially be to blame, but my hands were hurting so badly from all the typing yesterday that they were hurting this morning in mere anticipation of getting back to that insane series.

And I may have had more to talk about on that series, but I'm seriously tired of typing now, so I think it's time to stop.

Today I'm thankful for anonymous benefactors, plush toys to remind us that people really do care, Claim Jumper's candy cane cookies, our apartment being on the way to Costco from Mom's place, and still finishing that DVD in time for Castle.
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