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Another picture post! Wow!

We decided we need to get all caught up on posting pictures so that the next time we go somewhere where we take pictures, we can post them with the report and make it that much more meaningful! (Or we'll try it and decide it's not any more meaningful and too much of a pain, and decide not to do it ever again. But we won't know until we try it!) And so, we bring you the first installment of photos from our last trip to Disneyland. There are a lot of them! But not so many right here.

First, a picture of Oreo on the cat tree. Not a Disneyland picture, but adorable.

Second, the obligatory "view from the hotel" picture. You can see my hand reflected in the glass!

Third, the obligatory "Disneyland's fancy new holiday-themed gateway" picture! (The little sparkle-looking things light up at night, but I didn't get a picture then.)

This was taken in New Orleans Square. The guy standing in the wreath was intriguing.

Now for a bunch of pictures taken on Jungle Cruise. Unfortunately, there were strange things going on with the lighting and the camera and the flash, so I didn't get any pictures of the elephants bathing (don't worry--they all have their trunks on! Aaaaah ha ha ha...), but it's still a really pretty ride.

You start out in the rain forest.

"Did you know the Bengal tiger can grow to weigh up to five hundred pounds, and jump over twenty-five feet? Oh, don't worry. We're only fifteen feet away. He'll jump right over us."

None of the elephant pictures turned out very well, thanks to my lack of photography skills, but this one turned out to be kind of artistic.

Some animals in the savanna.

"Aww, isn't that nice? Those lions are watching over that sleeping zebra."

"Now we're heading into headhunter territory. Not a good place to be headed."

"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The eighth wonder of the world! The one! The only! The backside of water! (Don't try this at home, folks. It took them three hours to get my head out of the sink the first time.)"

A skipper once told us that the Arabic writing on the wall was Princess Jasmine's e-mail address. Somehow, I doubt it. (By the way, can anyone on of our friends read it?)

As we passed by Aladdin's Oasis, we noticed this fancy mosaic on the ground at the entrance.

That's all for now! There's a big batch of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad pics coming up, and I didn't want to break them up. Nor did I want to post thirty pictures in this entry. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad to, but... I just don't want to.

Today I'm thankful for all of those pictures being landscape orientation, finally getting back to FullMetal Alchemist (even if we did only watch one episode), Shugo Chara personality quiz games, remembering the right button to turn the camera's power on, and having all of s-CRY-ed on DVD so we don't have to wait for the next disc to watch it like we would if we were Netflixing it.
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