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A rose by any other name...

We've had several instances lately of Page walking very cautiously up to Oreo, him finally realizing she's there and hissing at her to go away, and her actually going away! I think this is progress.

I finally remembered what it was I was thinking about talking about yesterday. On Sunday, we met with the bishop, and after that, our friend who normally drives us home also had an appointment with the bishop, so we hung out waiting for her. While we were there, we were joined by our Disneyland associates Donald and Panchito, and in an effort to make conversation, we brought up Tangled.

We said, "Tangled comes out in November!!" And immediately Donald groans, "That is the stupidest title." As girls with long hair, we think that "Tangled" is a great title for a movie about Rapunzel, so we decided to defend it. We asked him what his problem is with it, and first he tried to compare it to Enchanted (knowing how much we hate that one). This wasn't good enough because we learned long ago that you can't just a movie from its summary, let alone its title. So he changed his strategy and pointed out that the Disney princesses whose names aren't in the titles of their movies tend to be unknown and unpopular.

So I brought up Princess Jasmine, of whom I had at least four different Barbie-style dolls back in the day (a fact that probably would have helped our argument if I'd remembered it at the time). He said she was unknown--wait, people know her now because she was lumped in with the big Disney Princess push they started a few years ago. We were still pretty well convinced that most of our female friends growing up liked Jasmine a lot, but I had a hard time articulating my thoughts and what came out was, "The problem is you're not a girl."

At that point Panchito started laughing so hard the conversation practically came to an end. I tried to explain myself by saying that when I was growing up, my favorite character was always the girl, and... Anyway, the conversation was already over by that point and nothing I could say would have any effect. This is what I get for being inarticulate. Athena points out that we really should have used Tinker Bell as our example to begin with. Unless she doesn't count because she's not a princess.

Anyway. We're still pretty excited to see Tangled, and we still think it's a good title. So there.

Today I'm thankful for creative titles, super stacks of Pringles, Page learning that sometimes it's best to just walk away (she still ended up locked in the spare bedroom for relentlessly following Oreo around, but at least there was no fighting), getting a lot of knitting done during Castle last night (it was a rerun, or we would have wanted to give it our full attention), and it being warm enough to only need one extra layer of warmth to walk around in.
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