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It starts

And so we decided to sign up for LiveJournal. ...I say as if I've already explained everything.

Pretty much my sister, Athena, and I, Alethea, needed a place to obsess over various things, and since a lot of the things we obsess over are kind of obscure (at least, obscure to most of the people we know), and possibly even boring, we decided LiveJournal would be a good place to do it. And since today is Goku(from Kazuya Minekura's Saiyuki)'s birthday, we decided today would be a good day to start.

So welcome to our ramblings--enter if you dare.

First I want to talk about our username. We had a hard time with this, because we wanted something cool and unique that kind of represented both of us, even though I'm doing most of the typing (Athena's sitting next to me as I type, so she'll make sure I add an interjection when there's a difference of opinion, or at least a big enough one that she cares to mention). Our real names are pretty cool, but it's kind of weird using your real name as a username, and, as Athena points out, they don't sound all that unique to us, because we hear them all the time.

There was a long process of trying to decide a username--we thought of flowers, various translations of our real names, anime characters, etc. until we finally thought that using song titles or lyrics might work. And so we remembered DOUBLE DEAR.

We decided this was the perfect username for us, because, first, it has double, and we're both just so dear. Awww!

No seriously, it comes from Anime Tenchou, which is about a bunch of guys who are so obsessed with anime, they managed to get themselves jobs in the anime business where they can pretty much be fans for a living. Everything they do revolves around anime, they only sing anime songs at karaoke, and when they try to do anything "normal," they're not quite sure how it works. And that's pretty much us in a nutshell.

And how can you resist all the beautiful voices they got to sing DOUBLE DEAR? I mean really.

Also, the song is a bunch of random lines put together, not necessarily to make any amount of sense, which is fitting of a LiveJournal kept by us.

Blue and red flowers
The color of truth
Dancing inside the ruins
A sky like silk
In its painful history, numberless flags wave
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