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We've been watching Lady and the Tramp extras lately, and we're starting to wonder if we should have named Page Siam, after the cats in that, because she's just that kind of evil. I can totally imagine her pretending Oreo has done something horrible to her (in fact I think she has). But she's not Siamese, and that could be misleading, so it's just as well.

I don't know what my problem is writing stuff lately. We started writing a column today, and we even have material for it and everything, but we open up a brand new file and I guess the white page turns my mind blank to match! Aaaahhhh! I'm having that same problem with LJ, only I don't think I had as clear an idea what I wanted to update about.

I feel like we're always so pressed for time, even though we're really, really not. Like, "We can't spend time on this now! We have to get to the next thing!!!" And then it's like, "Okay... so what is the next thing?" "....I don't know." We do have some manga we need to read, but we're missing a volume and we can't order it yet because we don't have any money. We haven't been able to order manga since, like, the beginning of August. Oh wait, it was probably the middle because we think that's when Berry Berry came out. Still, it's kind of depressing. So it's very nice to get manga that we have to read for work, but when you're missing volume five and you're starting work with volume six...

Anyway. Today is President's Day, so we won't be getting any mail, which means manga orders are going to have to wait until tomorrow afternoon if we're lucky. People may have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day, but at least it doesn't stop the mail from coming. But then again, you don't get a day off, either. Of course, when the main thing you do for a holiday is wear a certain color (I'm also thinking of St. Patrick's Day), getting a day off would kind of detract from the whole thing, because you wouldn't be going anywhere where wearing a specific color would make any difference. But I think it's important to remember George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, so I guess I should stop pouting. (Maybe one more for the road. *pout*)

Today I'm thankful for days off from work, actually finishing that Happy Cafe script (it was looking a little iffy at first), Lady and the Tramp extras, all the pretty white flowers outside our window, and having material for this week's column.
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