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Alas, poor Yorick...

Today at church we talked to a friend of ours about DisneySea. We tend to talk about it whenever we get the chance, but this time she brought it up. We had told her about it before, and she told her brother, and apparently he didn't believe her that it really existed. So, as evidence, we e-mailed her with the links to our detailed report of our day there, and when we were collecting the links, we would see a phrase here or there and think, "Wow, that's funny! We should read these reports."

So we read them (just the DisneySea ones, but we're going to go back and read the Tokyo Disneyland ones, too), and I'm kind of reminded of on Animaniacs when Yakko would recite a Shakespeare monologue and Dot would interpret, and he did the Yorick spiel from Hamlet, and one of Dot's interpretations was, "Why aren't you funny now?" Because I feel like I'm not funny now, alas. Athena says the level of humor (or silliness, at least) probably has to do with being excited, and it's true that all of our excitement has been curbed on LJ. It's kind of sad, too, because actually there's been a ton of excitement, but a lot of it is confidential. Or sort of confidential in that we can probably talk about it but we haven't signed any contracts yet and we want to wait until it's officially official.

Anyway! because we love to share our experience at all Disney parks with everyone, and because we were so entertained by our reports upon rereading them, we thought we'd share them again! So if you're interested, here's the link to our first part of the Japan trip report. You can get through to all of them by clicking on the next day at the bottom. (I feel presumptuous assuming anyone would want to comment on them this late, but in case anybody does, please do it on this entry, because we don't have alerts set up and we'll never know you commented otherwise.)

Also, I do want to post the rest of those Halloween pics, but I wanted a non-locked entry first. So we'll get to those next.

Today I'm thankful for getting to reread fun trip reports, the amazing chocolate frosting on the cake they had at the linger longer today, the chocolate-dipped madeleines also at the linger longer, having blue corn chips with sea salt (we like sea salt because it reminds us of DisneySea), and powerful arrangements of hymns.

(PS: The icon is for the Shakespeare reference, because Kuja is a thespian. I don't really want to brag about anything, just share.)
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