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A little ahead of ourselves

For some reason, we've gotten very excited about the idea of planning an awesome birthday for ourselves at Disneyland, even though our birthday is not for about three months. Actually, it's more like two and a half, but that doesn't matter, because some of the neat "celebration" stuff they have at the park can't be reserved until sixty days before at the most. It's just as well because we don't have any money just yet. We're optimistic that we'll still have money left after taxes.

While we were looking at all the neat stuff they had, we saw that there's a Disneyland haunted tour, that takes place at night and has ghost stories and everything. It's one of those things that we're like, "That sounds cool! ...but I don't think I could do it." We have heard a few Disneyland ghost stories, and they're plenty enough to freak us out already, even if it's just, for example, cast members seeing a guy get on the Haunted Mansion but never seeing him get off.

Okay, time to change the subject.

My visiting teachers came over last night, and Sister L (my visiting teacher and the bishop's wife) mentioned that we're so fun to talk to, but we have this "don't approach" aura when we're at Family Home Evening and stuff. She said it was our body language, and Dad said that when people slouch (like we do) it tends to be a defensive thing, and it also got brought up that we don't want to be hunchbacks, so today we've been making a conscious effort ALL DAY to sit up straight. Whew, it's been a little rough. Not too difficult, though. I caught myself a couple of times and had to fix my posture, but I'm sitting up straight now! It's mildly uncomfortable because our muscles aren't used to it. I just hope it doesn't take too long to get used to.

The comment about us being such fun people came after we mentioned that we were thinking of buying a concertina. (It was funny, because Sister L was like, "Don't you like it when people ask you if you've accomplished the goals you set? Is there something you want us to ask you if you did next time we come?" And we started talking about the random goals we keep setting for ourselves.) Neither of us can remember why it started exactly, but we're pretty sure it had something to do with the song Bella Notte, probably because of the accordion. Reconstructing the logic from what we do know, we think what happened was Athena was thinking of the song, and thought accordions are fun but big and probably expensive. We learned from an episode of Phineas and Ferb that concertinas are those mini-accordion thingies you tend to see in pirate movies (or the pirate cartoons we tend to watch, anyway). And so one day Athena said, "We should see how much concertinas cost!"

So we price-checked them at our favorite online musical instrument store that we never buy from because are you kidding me? do you think we're made of money? (Though to be fair, this online store is our favorite partially because of its reasonable pricing.) And they turned out to be surprisingly inexpensive. We think it would be neat to just carry it around and sing shanties and stuff. (And by "shanties" I most likely mean the pirate songs in Disney cartoons, specifically Peter Pan. "Shooting a man in the middle of his credenza?") Maybe get a fife or something to go with it.

But since we're poor, we put the idea aside until last night, and now here we are wanting a concertina again. Fortunately for our neighbors, we're still poor.

Today I'm thankful for people saying we're fun, it not being too too hard to sit up straight, exciting birthday plans, the very very sweet chapter of Happy Cafe we translated today, and Disney pirate songs.
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