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This icon's for Oreo.

Wow, I really feel like life is all work, cats, and Kingdom Hearts these days. Not that that's a bad thing, of course, but it does make for a kind of monotonous series of posts.

Today we moved from Negima! to Happy Cafe, and I feel like I had more to say about that than I do right now. Hmm... Nope, can't remember it. But anyway, the text density is about the same, but since they're talking about everyday stuff, it's a lot easier to get through. In Negima!, they're talking about magic and politics and what the heck is a trusteeship. In Happy Cafe, they're talking about sparkly shojo manga-ness.

In cat news, Oreo emerged again today! And! it wasn't because he vomited all over his hiding place! The vet did eventually call back and tell us to keep an eye on him, and if he didn't get better to bring him in. Fortunately, there have been no other incidents. Well, no other incidents of illness. Remember the part about him emerging four sentences ago? Well, he stationed himself in our bedroom and growled any time Page entered the hall, which was frequent, because she likes to be where the action is. Not that there's any action going on in our apartment (we're so boring, my goodness), but she likes to be where we are. Or maybe just where Oreo is, because I guess she's one of those types that likes the thrill of facing death.

Eventually he decided he'd had enough (possibly because of our bursting out in song every so often--we've discovered it works pretty well as a cat-repellent, to the point where I'm starting to get insecure about it), and we managed to avoid a fight because Page isn't that stupid and let herself be locked in the spare bedroom. Oreo was fed, and Page started wailing to be let out, and when Athena couldn't take it anymore, Page got her wish. It was a few minutes after that that the fur started flying. Now Oreo is hiding in the pantry again, boo. But he definitely seems to be getting bolder, yay.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Oreo today (even when he's obviously very grumpy, I can't help but grin to see him!), finally finding some open sesame, visiting teachers coming over tonight, getting to work on less complicated manga, and Swiffers.
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