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Same old, same old

Here we were hoping to finish work early and have a little extra time for other stuff, but Negima! is not so kind. Good thing we were planning to have a regular-length workday. And at least today we actually found all the flashbacks we had to look for. (But we still didn't find the ones we were trying to find yesterday.)

And wow, I think almost all our news is related to Negima! or cats. Last night, we had an interesting situation where Page joined me on my bed to read some manga, but Oreo was under Athena's bed and feeling very grumpy, so if she so much as set foot on the floor, he would start growling. And then we very cruelly left the room to play Kingdom Hearts, thus trapping Page on the top bunk. I was actually kind of looking forward to going back into our room and seeing her still there (I can be such a sadist; but it is a comfy bed, in my opinion).

Before we finished playing video games, we heard some growling, so I figured Page had decided she was tired enough of my bed to attempt leaving it. But when we got back to our room, not only was Page still on my bed, but Oreo was out in plain sight! Yay! (We get very excited when Oreo is somewhere that can be considered "not hiding" these days.) It did lead to some very interesting moments when Page did finally come down from my bed, but we consider it Progress.

Unfortunately, the doctor had warned us that stress might cause some of Oreo's symptoms to return. And not only that, but we happened to catch a weather report that said that the temperature would be dropping with the incoming storm, and that always aggravates Oreo's sensitive tummy. So Oreo's symptoms have returned, to the extent that we are now waiting for the vet to call back and let us know if we should start medicating him again.

Changing the subject to Page, we've mentioned all the cute, fun little things she does, but she does have a Dark Side (dun dun DUN!). She'll be sitting on your lap, all cuddly and cute, when suddenly! CHOMP! she decides it's time to gnaw on your arm. Actually, we think that's cute and fun, too, because despite the vicious look on her face, she's been very careful not to bite too hard or scratch. But lately, she's been getting more ferocious. I was petting her this morning, and she started chomping on my hand, and then I nuzzled my face against her and she started chomping my head, and then I got up to leave and she started chomping my knee. And she's biting harder! I have little marks all over my hand now. Maybe the stress is getting to her, too.

Today I'm thankful for kitties not biting too hard, kitties who don't bite at all, finally finishing that script, the adorableness of a cat attacking a syringe (needle-less, of course), having more time to read manga than I thought we would, and proper use of "between him and me" on Castle last night.
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