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Having a difficult time focusing today. Negima! is taking... about as long as we expected to proofread, but we were hoping it would go quicker. A huge part of our problem is that we spent... I'd say an hour, total, searching for lines that were flashed back to, only to find that those lines either don't exist or the translations of them were changed drastically enough to wipe them out. So we appealed to the fanboys on Twitter for help and they failed. Boo. Maybe we don't have enough fanboys.

Anyway. Speaking of journal writing, I found an old journal of mine while cleaning today. I started it when I was twelve, and man it's crazy. Thinking about it, I think I'm a much better writer now, but then I think about it again and I'm like, "Hmm, maybe not so much." Ah well. (I have not yet determined if it's the one with the picture of a walkman, but I did draw "watermarks" behind a bunch of entries.)

On the kitty front, Page seems to have finally at least learned that if Oreo growls at her, it's time to walk away. This helps keep our blood pressure down, and we like it. We almost coaxed Oreo out of the pantry yesterday, too, so I think we're making progress. When Oreo finally learns that Page isn't trying to kill him, then I think we'll be in business. It's ironic (and I think it really is this time), because they only try to hurt each other because they're so convinced that the other one is trying to hurt them. Life as a cat: simple but hard.

Today I'm thankful for still having old journals, the brilliant recreation of the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp at the dog park (part of one of the bonus features on the Lady and the Tramp DVD), the very yummy Baked! Ruffles we had earlier, the highlighted bits that didn't take us forever to fix in Negima!, and Oreo almost coming out of the pantry.
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