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And because I'm not quite done yet

I'm thankful for Takeshi Saehara, who gives me someone to laugh at...I mean with.

I'm thankful for Keiji Saga, he's fun in his insanity. He's actually a lot like our cousin, and looks like him, too, before Jon got his hair cut.

I'm very thankful for Funabashi, for keeping Keiji in line. Interestingly enough, the voice actors for Keiji and Funabashi are the personalities for Radio Zero-Sum. That's a crazy coincidence.

I'm thankful for Towa-chan, for reflecting the opinions of the fangirls. I think our little sister would make an adorable Towa-chan, if we ever got her somewhere where they'd recognize her.

And I'm thankful for the new guy, because he's SOOOOO CUUUUUUTE!!! (Athena points out that it should be kept in mind that I think Sabretooth is a giant teddy bear.)
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