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Today in sacrament meeting, we heard another story about how prayer works as illustrated by a lost item being found after a prayer. The formula goes like this: something gets lost, they look all over for it, they finally think to say a prayer asking for help finding it, a thought inspires them, and they find the thing (this time it was a pair of glasses that accidentally got tossed in with the weeds while doing yard work). Actually, we heard a really cool variation on this story once when we were talking to Gaston. This one is a little different, though.

When Gaston was on his mission in Germany, there was a woman there who just had the most amazing faith he had ever seen. She was an immigrant from China, and one day her purse got stolen. This was Very Very Bad, because her purse had some very important papers in it that she needed to turn in or get deported (or something like that). So the first thing she does is call the missionaries and ask them to say a prayer with her to help her find her purse. They come over, and after the prayer, she thanks them and says they can go. Gaston and his companion were a little confused--should they help her look for it or something? No, they had done enough, things would be fine. The next morning, she opened her front door, and there was her purse on the step. Wow.

Anyway. While of course it's very good that the Lord will help us find things if we ask Him, we thought it's also important to know that the Lord answers prayers about other things, too. So I wanted to share my story about a prayer that was answered. It happened long ago, when we were in eighth grade. (Of course, we've had help from the Lord through prayer many many times since then, but this one sticks out in my mind because it's the first time I really paid attention.)

I think it was about half of the eighth grade at our school that had an oceanography field trip. We all went to Dana Point where they would give us lectures at their oceanography center place thing, and then we'd go out on a boat to like, scoop up some fish in a net, and, if we were lucky, do some whale watching. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember being very excited. The night before, I prayed that I'd have a really good day.

The next day, we had an awesome field trip! Tadah! Okay, so obviously it was going to be pretty awesome anyway, because oceanography is fun. But first, even though Athena and I were in different classes, we ended up in the same group somehow. And then, when we were on the boat, off in the distance, we spotted some really rare dolphins. I don't remember what the boat people were calling them, but the only thing that comes close on the Wikipedia list of dolphins is Risso's dolphins.

The sad thing about it is that those dolphins are anti-social, and we didn't get to see them up close. But! soon afterward we ran into a big pod of common dolphins, which are not only among the cutest dolphins ever, but they are very excited to come say hi to boats. So they came and swam with us for a while, and they seemed to want to show off, like who could jump higher and stuff, because they were doing all kinds of tricks. It was such a great experience. And they came and swam with us again on our way back to the beach. (Incidentally, common dolphins are also the kind you ride in the video game Battle of Olympus after you get the ocarina from Poseidon.)

And that's my story about prayer. It doesn't have to be a big thing, but the Lord does answer our prayers with a yes many times.

Today I'm thankful for common dolphins (suddenly I miss them...), awesome field trips, fun video games about Greek mythology, Oreo coming out of hiding briefly, and oceanography.
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