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Shockingly, this volume of Negima actually did not have a single lexicon entry. Wao! Although there was a very short spell that we wish had been mentioned in a lexicon... We need it spelled out for us! Aaaah ha ha... No, seriously, we wish we knew how it was spelled.

Anyway, I think the main story text makes up for the lack of lexicon, though. We started proofreading today and it's taking a pretty long time. We kind of knew it would though, because a good deal of the time we spent with it on the first run through had me thinking, "Terrible! It sounds terrible!" But our primary focus was to move along in case context helped. Sometimes we have to just forge ahead, or we spend like twenty minutes trying to figure out how to make something sound good, while in the back of our minds we're thinking, "Oh my goodness, we have this entire book to get through and it's all going to be like this!"

Page just came into the room, having left a staring contest with Oreo, and immediately went to check under the bed to make sure he wasn't there. I informed her this morning that Oreo does not, in fact, have magic teleportation powers, but I guess she can't be too sure.

Will Finn's latest blog entry is pretty fascinating, so I thought I'd share it.

Thoughts are kind of disjointed today. I was thinking about maybe talking about this Carl's Jr. commercial they've been showing, but lately I've been noticing my penchant for pointing out faults and thinking I should cut back. But if I put it this way, it won't be so bad, maybe... Okay, so the commercial has a bunch of guys at a diner, and the waitress comes up and gives everyone their manly burgers, except for the one guy who ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. But they only had those on the kids' menu, so it came with a coloring book and crayons, and the waitress was very condescending as she handed him all his stuff. And the girls at the other table were like, "Ew, what's with that guy?"

Now, as for us, personally, we would have just owned it. Not only would we have owned it, we would have been excited. Like, "Yes! Look at this coloring book!" And we might have even started coloring before we started eating. And it wouldn't have been an act either, because being a kid is way more fun than being a boring adult. Really, we think the grilled cheese guy got the better end of the deal, except that maybe his sandwich would be less filling than everyone else's. But! he got cookies!! None of the other guys got cookies.

So yes. Kids' menus are fun. We'd probably order them from Disneyland more often if we didn't want the grown-up food more (the cookies come separately anyway). They come with cute little boxes with the characters on them! ...which would be kind of hard to carry around all day. That's another reason we never get them. But they are adorable. ...Now I want to go to Disneyland. (As if that's anything new.)

Today I'm thankful for no lexicon entries in Negima! 28, lexicon entries and their helpful spellings of spells (ah ha ha), coloring books, Queen Berry ice cream (it may be fictional, but it's SO CUTE!), and figuring out what the heck Akamatsu was talking about in the cover flap to this volume.
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