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I started writing a post that was a poor attempt at rambling and I didn't like it, so we deleted it and were going to go do something else in the hopes that it would be easier to write a post later. But on our way to the living room, we discovered that Oreo had emerged from his hiding place and was on his way into the bedroom, perhaps to the litter closet. And since Page is also in the bedroom, we figured we should come back in case mediation (or incarceration) was required.

Page seems to have mostly figured out that she really doesn't want to play with Oreo after all. ...And when I put it that way, it sounds kind of sad. Aww. But I think as far as maintaining the peace, it's better for her to keep her distance until such time as he stops growling every time he sees her. Actually, the other day, she approached him twice! and he just watched her silently until she walked away. That was pretty nice.

Now Oreo has made it safely out of the bedroom, but Page followed him. That's why I say she "mostly" figured out to stay away from him. Oh well.

...And they just got into a fight. Page has now been incarcerated.

Today I'm thankful for being able to get quarters at the apartment office, the Negima OADs finally having a voice for Rakan, our choice to risk listening to Disney music while working not being too detrimental (though it did remind me how much we need to get Snow White on Blu-ray), finally finding our Disney's Greatest Hits volume one after a year of it being in hiding sort of, and Disney music (so I'm not feeling very original today).
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