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DN Angst

I'm not really sure how much angst I have right now, but I thought it was a clever title.

I am very sad that we finished volume 11, because now there's no more until volume 12. Unless we got a subscription to Asuka magazine, but I think we decided it's better to get a whole book than one chapter at a time. That, and a subscription to Asuka would be dang expensive. And I'm very much looking forward to volume 12, because it's going to have something I've always wanted to see.

So in the meantime, we'll feed the DN Angel obsession for a while (probably until Monday). Maybe listen to some CD dramas (Hoshi-san really is perfect for Daisuke), and eventually we'll reread the whole series. Ah, but we have so much manga to read. That's probably a good thing, because I don't know how long it will be until we get any more.
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