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Disney videos and kitty adventures

First, the Disney Parks blog posted a neat video about what goes on after hours, so we thought we'd share:

It also seems that Disney Animation has started some kind of plot involving linking videos to classic Disney shorts once a day or so. Here's today's. They used to show cartoons like these all the time on the Disney Channel, back when it was cool. Ah, memories.

In other news, Page has decided to be a brat, and so she is locked up. Wait, I guess that's not really new. Anyway, this morning, Oreo decided to brave the wide apartment to get some breakfast when Page was comfortably sitting on the couch. Athena went to lock Page up, but she looked so comfortable, Athena decided to let her be. It wasn't long, however, before Page decided she needed to relinquish her comfort in order to keep a close eye on Oreo. We would hear the occasional growl, as they monitored each other, but we've decided to adopt a more hands-off approach, because if we intervene every time, they'll never learn to solve their own problems.

It was when Oreo slinked back into our room to get to the litter closet, and Page slinked in right behind him, that we decided to give Oreo a break and lock her up. Later, Oreo had established himself in the linen closet, so we decided to let Page out. The first thing she did was check under the bed to make sure he wasn't there, I guess, and then she sat on my lap for a while until she got bored. She went off to explore, and it wasn't long before we heard hissing. Athena went out to break them up, but Page left on her own, so Athena settled with a warning--one more sound from Oreo and Page would be back in the spare bedroom.

A while later, we heard a groan from Oreo. But upon inspection, Page was being very careful to avoid him as she made her own way to the litter closet, so we let her off the hook. Then she had to go to every room in the house, for some inexplicable reason. The linen closet happens to be positioned such that she would have to walk by it to get from any room to any other room (kind of), so we're not sure if she's genuinely exploring because she can't decide where she wants to go, or if she's putting on an act so she has an excuse to torment Oreo. We made an executive decision that she really needs to just settle down, and chose a spot for her. In the spare bedroom. With the door closed.

It's really very cute in a slightly exasperating way.

Today I'm thankful for no cat fights despite Page's constant pestering, easy access to classic Disney cartoons, the yumminess of those chocolate-covered peanut butter sandwich pretzels, Oreo being very friendly while we were cleaning today, and finding the prize pots in Enchanted Dominion.
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