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Life on the edge

We're living on the edge today and eating Pringles that are past their expiration date. That's right, Athena decided to go through the pantry today and get rid of stuff that was expired. She discovered an entire Pringles can that hadn't been opened, and we love Pringles so much that is seemed a shame to just toss them. In fact, we're wondering how in the world we had a can that didn't get opened. We suspect it was purchased for Celeste back when she was living with us and she just didn't ever get to it. This would be an amazing find if it was still before the "best by" date. Anyway, neither of us has gotten sick yet.

We're also living on the edge today by not keeping the cats separated. Last night, Athena decided if we keep separating the cats every time things show the slightest hint of getting dangerous, Page might decide we'll step in to save the day and she can do whatever she wants. So when she jumped on Oreo last night and he ran her out of his hiding place, we got close enough to make sure they weren't killing each other, and then just let them stare each other down until they were done. And so our day has been frequently accompanied by the sound of cats growling at each other. But Oreo has been out in plain sight more often, and that makes us happy.

We decided that we're making good enough time on our schedule that it's okay to stop work for the day, and instead we've been taking care of other important but not job-related items. We started writing a column, even! Tomorrow we have to decide if we're going to work on Negima! or Happy Cafe, but I think Negima! wins because its official deadline is sooner (by about three days). We got the book today and were delighted to discover that there is no lexicon in the back! Woohoo! On the other hand, earlier volumes have been known to have lexicon entries on the pages between chapters, so we can't rejoice too much yet. Also, this volume has an interview, which could be better or worse than a lexicon. We won't know until we get to it.

Well, I guess we should stop stalling and get back to that column. Today I'm thankful for surprise Pringles, getting books to translate today, our new policy of cleaning fifteen minutes a day (except on Sunday), no lexicon in the back of Negima! 28 (even if there are lexicon entries between pages, at least we'll get them out of the way sooner), and Oreo being out in the open more often.
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