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Wow, today turned out to be long. I think today illustrated how high-strung we've been all week without really noticing. It didn't become evident until I realized how difficult it was to contain my annoyance during the first hour of church. It probably didn't help that the choir sang today, so we were there early for a rehearsal that we found less than satisfactory. Fortunately, we have a lovely temple prep class that calmed us down considerably, and by the time the choir rehearsed again (we're singing again in two weeks), then we were back to the point of merely being the annoying little girls in the back who wouldn't shut up (though in our defense, the director told us to sit in the back row). I was in a good enough mood to remember how good it is to just sing, even if we're not really sopranos.

(I have designated us "pseudo sopranos" (as opposed to mezzo). We got to talk to Brother H about it afterward (he's in the choir, too, and used to direct it in his ward before joining the bishopric in ours), and he was sympathetic. He reminded us of the common choir jokes that altos are just lazy sopranos and sopranos are altos who can't read music. Bwa ha ha.)

Right, temple prep. A long time ago (about six months), we went to talk to the bishop because we were pretty much just lost about what to do with our lives. Athena mentioned the temple, and the bishop said, "You know, I've been getting the feeling that you two should get your endowments." He said we'd have to take the temple prep class, and we said, "Oh, but we're in the library during second hour. We can't make it to the temple prep class." And he said they might have to do something about that. But it was really hard to come to terms with the idea of us not being librarians.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when we're stressing out over a million things pulling us every which way, and we go sneak in an appointment to see the bishop (his clerk had informed us that his 2:00 was open). So we go cry to the bishop about our problems, and he said, "Well, here's some good news. I talked to the stake president, and he feels really good about you getting your endowments, too." (Incidentally, there's a lot we don't know yet (what happens in the temple is very very sacred (not secret--sacred), so we don't talk about it outside the temple), but one thing I can explain is that you don't usually get your endowments unless you're about to go on a mission or get married. There was a time when they said, "Well, once you're such and such age, you can," but the bishop tells us that recently the general authorities have said either mission, marriage, or special exceptions when the inspiration comes.) He told us to come in again the next week and we'd set goals and stuff.

The next week, we go in for our appointment, and the bishop starts out with small talk. In this case, he asked us how things were going in the library. This actually turned out to be more than just small talk, because the librarian from the ward who meets after us comes in early and thinks we cramp his style. Actually, his ward met before we did all of last year, and only switched in January. But this other librarian had been the librarian the year before that, too, and he remembered us, and the fact that he hates us. We are uppity, after all. In fact, we've been talking about it so much that I was thinking that next time we take one of those quizzes where they say, "Describe yourself in one word," that was the word I was going to use.

So that librarian had come in to do his job, and we were there doing it for him (it wasn't our fault! he wasn't there when his ward's Relief Society president came in and asked for copies!), so he went to our bishop and asked him to talk to us about finding a way to stay out of his way. The really funny thing is, the resulting conversation with our bishop ended up with us being released, but not because of anything to do with getting in his way. Well, maybe a little tiny bit, but the main reason was that we needed to go to temple prep. Fortunately, one of the ladies I visit teach has had three library callings, a fact she has informed me several times, with a slight air in her voice of, "I reeeeally wish I had your job." So I told the bishop she seemed to want it, and he said he had been needing to give her a calling, and now several problems have been solved in a very short amount of time.

And so we've been taking the temple prep class, which is taught by the bishopric's wives. Today one of the things we talked about was the Word of Wisdom, and how it basically forbids us from ingesting anything addictive, and I was like, "Well that's tricky, because technically, anything can become an addiction," and the conversation went on to be like, "Well, yes, but usually you can tell when you're addicted to something because you spend every moment thinking about when you can get more," and about at that point I started thinking, "Man I could use some chocolate." And of course because we were talking about addictions, I couldn't completely stop thinking about it. I guess it's kind of like when you take psychology classes and whenever they talk about a mental disorder you think you have it.

After church, we went to Mom's for dinner and we were very sneaky and brought UP along. And told everyone we had it, including Scott and Kimee, who were then very excited about watching it. Ha! Now they couldn't refuse! We didn't even have to bribe them to vote with us (that was one of our sneaky plots, but we forgot to bring the cash, so it's good we didn't need it). And everyone enjoyed it thoroughly, but I think it made Mom bitter about men being scum these days. Can't say as I blame her; she's seen and been through a lot.

In the middle of UP we took an intermission for Steve and Scott to go home teaching while the girls stayed and watched Aurora's oooolllld old play of The Princess and the Pea. Ah, memories. She was ten years old in it, and we really need to get that video copied onto a DVD somehow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see UP with everyone, fudge, more than three years in the library, having a chance to move on, and getting to take the temple prep class.
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