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I am very tempted to just say, "Too tired to update," write my gratitude list, and ditch this popsicle stand for Kingdom Hearts. But I guess I could talk about something. At FHE last night, we played that game where they give you a bunch of random props and you have to put on a skit and use all of them. This time, we also had the added instruction to base the skit off one of the Bible stories provided on the list. I guess I don't really have anything interesting to report about it, just complaints. My group did the story of Noah, only we decided to be original and portray something that may have happened on the ark instead of just telling the story. It worked just as well that way, because apparently nobody wanted to play an animal.

My suggestion, which I shamelessly stole from Psych, was to show Noah having trouble keeping the lions away from the giraffes. Instead, we acted out a day on the ark. We split the group up and had different people performing different tasks that needed to be done, and I was the supervisor. There was a girl who kind of took charge as director, and when we were practicing, we had some people feed the animals, and they did their thing, and the director was like, "Are you done? Then tell her so she can tell them to do the next thing." My problem was that we had different people doing each task, so why in the world would I wait until one group was done before I told the other group to get started? I asked as much, and the director said, "We're just trying to fill up time." Argh. (Athena: Apparently you're just one of those annoying "method actors" who has to know what their motivation is.)

Not that I have much right to complain, as I didn't provide much by way of ideas. Our best joke was when Noah and "Noah Jr." were playing football and Noah Jr. (they wouldn't listen to me when I tried to remind them the names of Noah's sons) went long and fell overboard.

Athena's group performed the story of Daniel and the lions' den, and they seemed to have a better time of it. They made her the director, but there was another guy who took charge and came up with most of the ideas. One of their props was a plunger head, and while it grossed everyone else out, he got really excited and decided to wear it as a hat (he played Nebuchadnezzar's servant).

Afterward, I was complaining about my group's lack of vision to Athena, and she said that maybe we were too unbalanced. She pointed out that you need an artistic mind (like Walt Disney) and a business mind (like his brother Roy Disney) if you ever want to run an evil corporate empire like Disney. A couple of ladies (fellow Disneyphiles) heard that comment and did a double take ("Evil!?"), while Panchito (our Disneyland associate who also happens to be in charge of FHE now) busted up laughing, assuring the two ladies that we're big fans.

Anyway, we're really eager to play Kingdom Hearts, so I'm done talking now.

Today I'm thankful for refreshments at FHE last night, pandas with bamboo on their heads (it's the picture for January on our shiny new calendar), getting to turn in scripts today, editors, and Italian cheese bread from Little Caesar's.
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