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Despite everything going so quickly today, I'm frustrated at them not going quickly enough, but only because we have FHE at seven and I want to play Kingdom Hearts (it's after six, boo). It's our own fault for taking time out to eat pizza, and it was delicious, so I really should stop complaining.

Anyway. We started work on Higurashi today, which turned out to go superfast! We always like it when a translation goes quickly (seriously, it feels like everything we work on is as text-dense as it gets these days), but with our schedule being so packed for all of February, it's nice to realize that hey, one of the things on the list isn't going to eat your soul. Kind of ironic that that thing is Higurashi. Maybe I shouldn't use analogies like that. Anyway, not everything's going to take a whole week, which is good, because Negima! tends to take longer than that, and we only had about a week per project. So today is a day where we're feeling good about life.

We had an appointment to take Oreo to the vet, but since we couldn't find a ride (my own fault for not calling anybody ahead of time), we rescheduled again and instead walked over to the fancy new grocery store. But when we got there! there were people picketing the place. We wanted to know why they were picketing, so we stopped and listened to one of them. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, explaining that this store doesn't pay people enough and doesn't support the local farmers and stuff. We thought it would be rude to listen to him and then turn right around and go into the very store he was protesting to buy our milk, so we went to the 99 Cents Only store instead (I was a rebel and got whole milk! ha!).

We also considered his point of view and thought that maybe a big part of the "not supporting local farmers" thing comes from them being new to the area (most of their stores are in SoCal right now, which is also where they get their produce from), and if you're supporting a family you should try to find a job other than at a grocery store, so we'll probably go back there in the future anyway.

Then we went to the neighboring Little Caesar's and got pizza, and it was oh so yummy. While we ate, Oreo had gone back to hiding in the pantry, and Page was meowing like crazy (she doesn't like to be alone for too long, poor thing), so we closed the door on Oreo and let Page out. This is when we realized that "inochi-shirazu" is the term to describe this little kitty. It's basically what they call people in Japan who don't understand how valuable their life really is. She would not leave that pantry door alone, and we're pretty sure that's what started their big fight yesterday. But we have come up with a countermeasure, and if she starts nosing around that door again, we're going to set up a little fan in front of it, as we have discovered that she absolutely hates it when you blow on her face.

The next problem we need to solve is how do we get her to stop jumping on the monitor so hard it shuts the thing off. I guess that could be solved by getting an LCD monitor instead of the CRT one we have now, but something less expensive would be nice. And she's awful cute when she sleeps on top of it.

Oh! One more thing! We finally got our comp copies of I Hate You♥8 and Oh! My Brother 1 today! We wonder what people thought of the terrible pun we came up with for the very beginning of Eight Hate.

Today I'm thankful for the ultra-delicious pizza we had for lunner, the shiny new calendar we bought today, today's translation going superfast!, having just a little bit of time to play Kingdom Hearts, and getting more comp copies.
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