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We've only sort of heard about this from Dad, and our family is notorious for being terrible at sharing information, so I have no idea what the details are, but! it's looking like we might! be visiting the Provo area at the end of March. A couple of our aunts are planning a reunion for their siblings and (grand)children. All we know now is that the dates are March 26-28. Wow, that means we'd be having the reunion on Grandpa's one-hundredth birthday. (He passed away before he turned 96, though.)

Right now, the only idea we have as far as transportation is that we pay for gas and Celeste drives, but we figure if we're going to be spending a bunch of money on transportation anyway, we're going to check airfare. In fact, let's check now. ...Airfare is stupid. Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

In other news, we had a giant cat fight today. Fur flying everywhere! It was kind of scary. Page is locked in the other room now and Oreo is hiding deep in the pantry. Le sigh. (For some reason the sigh needed a French accent.)

We decided to stop work early today. We finished our script and considered moving on to the next one, but... then we decided we'd rather play Kingdom Hearts instead. We also considered walking to the store, but it's cold and cloudy. Notice how it's not even raining but we still use the clouds as an excuse? Well... that's just how it is, I guess. It's kind of funny, because when we want to goof off instead of work, sometimes we'll actually raise productivity and do more work in order to justify the time taken to goof off. That is clearly not the case today.

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I have a little more squeeing to do, but first I want to explain our Birth by Sleep spoiler policy. Since it will be approximately forever before the game comes out Stateside, I decided yesterday that I'll only talk about the gameplay (if it comes up) and the worlds you visit (which, by extension, reveals which characters you'll see). As for major plot points, they'll stay out of it, but there might be some speculation regarding already known (and only already known) characters.

Mostly I just wanted to talk about Disney Town, because it's kind of amazing. It looks like Toon Town at Disneyland, but, since the game was developed in Japan, it was designed after the Japanese version of Toon Town. Like the benches are exactly like the ones in Tokyo Disneyland. And! they have popcorn stands! Because anyone who's been to Tokyo Disney parks knows: try the popcorn. When we were talking to people at church in Tokyo, and we said we went to Disneyland, without fail, every one of them asked if we'd tried the popcorn. It was awesome. I wonder if they'll change the stands to churro stands in the American version, for authenticity. But that wouldn't work so well for all the popcorn flying out of them when you whack them.

At Disney Town, Huey, Dewey, and Louie have opened an ice cream shop, which is where you use all those crazy ingredients I mentioned two days ago. We haven't managed to get all the ingredients (they're world-specific), but we did look at some recipes and one of them called for "open sesame"! This could just be a reference to the Arabian Nights (maybe we get to go to Agrabah after all), but it could also be a reference to the churro stand at the Arabian Coast in DisneySea. That would make us happy, because any reference to DisneySea makes us happy, especially ones very close to the Sindbad ride.

Speaking of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, they have recorded voices this time and they are amazingly close to their English voices. With them in Disney Town and Scrooge in Hollow Bastion, I was getting Ducktales flashbacks.

We also went to Deep Space, where we met Experiment 626, and it was kind of cool because they had an anti-gravity thing. And of course Stitch was adorable in his Stitch kind of way. (He has a special kind of adorableness.) And then we went to Neverland. It's more than the Neverland in KH1--you actually spend time on the island--and we got very lost. But that's okay, because Neverland has the best music. The battle music sounds like they were watching the Tinker Bell movies, but I guess we can forgive them for that. (I consider the Tinker Bell movies to be kind of an alternate reality of Peter Pan, to be disregarded when actually dealing with Peter. Unless they come up with a really cool way to connect Tinker Bell's life in Pixie Hollow to her life with Peter.) Then again, they did have Tink actually choosing to do something other than what Peter wanted to do, which doesn't make any sense except in the context of the Tinker Bell movies, so maybe they shouldn't be forgiven after all. Except, of course, that we should forgive everybody, so okay, I guess they're forgiven.

Today I'm thankful for getting to turn in a script today, having yummy peanut butter cookies for snack time, the cats still being alive last time we checked, having some extra free time today, and getting new Happy Cafe books yesterday.
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