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If only I had a concertina...

Random discovery for the day: Concertinas are not that expensive.

We had a brief adventure today at work. There we were, innocently editing our script for I Hate You More Than Anyone 10, when suddenly! the file froze up. We couldn't do anything on it--not delete text, not type more text, not highlight, not un-highlight, not even close the file! Every time I clicked on it, the computer dinged at me. And it was really only that one file; everything else worked fine. Fortunately, it happened right after we saved it (well, not right after--there was enough time for me to not suspect the save function of any foul play--but soon enough after saving that we didn't lose anything), and we were able to get everything working again by closing OpenOffice and starting it up again.

It was a big relief, but to be honest, when it was taking forever to get it to work, and we were like, "If this doesn't work, we may have to call it a day," we did get our hopes up that we'd have more time for Kingdom Hearts. That's okay, though, because we have plenty of time anyway.

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, this game just gets better and better. We made it to Hollow Bastion, which shouldn't have been a surprise but wasn't entirely expected. Since this game takes place before KH1, they made sure to show us a bunch of Organization XIII members before they turned Nobody. I always wondered what Axel would dress like when he wasn't in uniform and now... I'm not sure I want to know anymore. But actually I do, because it's amusing.

I don't know where the idea came from, but we started thinking, "Hey, what if we go to Olympus Coliseum and meet teenage Hercules!? And then he'll be played by Soichiro Hoshi, because he's in the Square-Enix in-group now, and Disney liked him so much back when the movie came out that they let him audition three times despite failing the singing part!" (Which is totally unfair, by the way, because the American voice of Hercules doesn't do his own singing.) Anyway, Hercules wouldn't be singing in Kingdom Hearts, so it wouldn't matter if Hoshi-san could hit those high notes or not.

So we're going along and they're introducing new worlds, and bam! there's Olympus Coliseum! No way!! And teenage Hercules is sooooo adorable in it. Except that he's not actually played by Hoshi-san, boo. We're having a hard time determining if he's played by Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese voice of adult Hercules) or somebody else (like the guy who actually ended up playing teenage Hercules in the movie). Oh well, he's still very cute.

There was a surprise character, too! And he really was meant to be a surprise, because he had a helmet covering his face most of the time. But we knew who it was because of his voice and his pants. They did make us wonder, though, because he's played by the same voice actor as Demyx, so there was still the possibility he'd be Demyx's other self. Unless he's actually both!? It wouldn't fit the Organization XIII naming pattern, though, and the personalities are all wrong.

Soon we'll be going to DisneyTown! It takes a passport to get in, so it makes us wonder how much it will be like Disneyland. Ventus got a life-time passport, I guess would be the closest translation, and I'm so jealous. I wish we could get those for Disneyland. They'd be ultra-expensive though. Maybe we could get them on a payment plan. Y'know, assuming they existed.

Oh right, Scrooge! Scrooge was hanging around Hollow Bastion, and his Japanese voice laughs just like his English one! (And we know that for a fact because we actually watched Mickey's Christmas Carol this Christmas.) We were impressed.

Enough talking about Kingdom Hearts. We need to go play Kingdom Hearts!

Today I'm thankful for being able to get our file to work again, the adorable cuteness of certain favorite characters who show up in BbS, figuring out the board game system, the long-lasting power of a nice big bag of Famous Amos cookies, and the hope of one day buying a concertina.
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