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Birth by Sleep

We just had an incident in which Page approached Oreo's hiding place only to have him jump out at her and chase her out of the kitchen. Should we consider it progress that neither of them hit the other?

Anyway, I forgot to mention that we did finally get to play Birth by Sleep on Saturday and it was awesome. We made sure to know very little about this game going into it. We were okay with knowing who the main characters were, but we went to the official Japanese website once, saw a screencap with Lucifer from Cinderella and decided we had already been spoiled too much, thus deciding not to visit the site again until we'd beaten the game.

(Turns out that might take longer than we thought. Not only do you get to play through as each of the three main characters, with a different perspective on the story each time, but as Athena puts it, "This game is very distracting from itself." There are so many other things to do than just play through the story and beat it, it's insane. Okay, so there are only three other things (the leveling up system, the board game thingie, and the Mirage Arena), but it's still very very distracting.)

From that encounter, we thought, hey, maybe they're visiting all the princesses' worlds that got destroyed before KH1 started! Turns out we were right. So far we've visited Snow White's world, Cinderella's world, and Sleeping Beauty's world. It really funny how girly and yet not girly this game is. In Cinderella's world, the first thing you do (as Ventus, anyway) is help Jacques collect material for Cinderella's dress. And there are secret items that we still don't know what they're for called things like "Valentine's chocolate," "wedding cake," "romance milk," and "dreaming apples."

We were pretty happy to learn the seven dwarves' Japanese names. Doc is Sensei XD

And um... well, I think that's it so far. I think it's time to go play some more! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for the cats not hitting each other so far today (we think), fun Senko developments in this volume of I Hate You♥, getting to play more Birth by Sleep today, being done translating those crazy pages about Hidaka-sensei's work schedule (interesting stuff, but annoying to translate), and the late Christmas card from pudges (thank you!).
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