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Okay, so whenever somebody says we did something wrong (as in "the wrong way," not as in "something terrible"), and I'm pretty sure I didn't, I have a difficult time resting until I find out the truth. That's why, when I was practicing hymns for Relief Society, and I had the metronome out already, I turned to the arrangement of "Love at Home" that we performed a couple of weeks ago and turned the metronome to the highest speed in the range suggested by the sheet music. I played the first few measures, and it was definitely faster than what I had played that week, so now I know for sure: I was definitely not playing that song way too fast.

On a related note (get it? Ha!), we decided to go to choir practice today. We had actually been thinking about it for a while, since we had been bombarded with the "develop your talents!!!" message fairly recently, but we hadn't been able to actually act on the idea until today. And we were encouraged to act on it on Tuesday (wow, that was just this last Tuesday? it feels like so much longer ago--it's been a looooong week) at organ lessons when Sister S said, "You both sing? Then why don't you ever come to choir practice?" So we explained that we were thinking of going but hadn't been able to for various reasons, but we'd go this week. And so we did.

When Sister S arrived at choir practice and was informed which row was altos and which row was sopranos, she saw us sitting in the soprano row and asked, "Really?" That pretty much sums up my feelings about it, too, actually. We prefer to sing alto in choirs because it's closer to our actual voice range, and I just think it's neat to not be singing the melody almost all the time. But after the choir director said where she wanted each part to sit, and all but two girls in the room sat in the alto row, we figured the soprano section could use some more volume. I'm still not sure the sopranos will be sounding very good with me among them, but oh well I guess. At least we don't have to sing the descant part that goes up to high G and stays there, yikes. On the other hand, that part has become a solo and for some reason it always rankles us to have people spotlighted like that. Jealousy? Probably. We'll just have to get over it.

Today I'm thankful for setting the alarm for the right time (we'd forgotten that we had set the alternate alarm (aka our Sunday alarm) for 5:58pm), nice big bags of Famous Amos cookies, getting a ride home from choir practice, Oreo not being sick (there was a little nausea this morning, but it appears to have stopped), and vocal warm-up exercises (I'm sure we'll need them).
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