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Our immediate plans have been thwarted by an uncharged battery. It looks like our PSP needs a software upgrade before we can play Birth by Sleep, but apparently the system can't make the upgrade without a certain amount of power. It won't even accept being plugged into the wall. The battery has to have enough power, period.

On the bright side, at least we know that the game really does exist.

So I guess I'll ramble on about The Princess and the Frog some more.

When we were checking online to see if the movie was still in theaters, we found ourselves reading a bunch of reviews of it, and there were a ton of reviews from parents that said, "Great message about working hard." And we were like, "What?" Now, we've had several reasons to question our own judgment lately, but I'm pretty sure that if the main character has already learned a certain principle within ten minutes of the movie, that's not the main message.

It's true that it is a message in the movie, and it is a good one, but if it were the main one, there would be no point to the journey, because our heroine has already learned what she needs to learn. So we were thinking about it, and we wondered if Ron Clements and John Musker (the directors) realized that all the parents would want to see a good message right away, and once they saw it they'd be satisfied and could either tune out, go to sleep, or hey, maybe enjoy the rest of the movie.

We think the real message comes, as they normally do, much later--in this case, when Tiana is facing off against Dr. Facilier. She finally realizes that what she needs isn't her restaurant, but love. And thus she is reminded of the real lesson her father wanted to teach her all those years ago--never lose sight of what's really important, and love is more important than a restaurant.

Incidentally, there's also the message (one you get in a lot of other Disney movies as well) that, first you work as hard as you can, and then, faith will take you the rest of the way. In other words, to quote Parappa the Rapper, "I gotta believe!"

Anyway, the most fascinating thing about the parent reactions and how the story and message actually plays out is that either there's some amazing coincidence, or the directors and/or Randy Newman (songwriter) knew exactly what was going to happen, as indicated by the song "Dig a Little Deeper." So maybe that's where the real message is--in that song. Okay, so there are actually a ton of messages in The Princess and the Frog. Anyway, discovering the "Dig a Little Deeper" connection was much more dramatic in my head.

And since I've lost my coherent train of thought in that regard, I'm going to change the subject. There was something else I was thinking about with this movie... I think it had to do with Tiana... or Dr. Facilier... ... ... ...Nope. Can't remember it. Maybe it will come to me later.

I wonder if the battery is charged enough yet. ...Nope, not yet. Sigh. I guess it's time for some cookies.

Today I'm thankful for having a lot of time to play BbS even after waiting to upgrade our PSP, confirming that the game really exists, Page not getting Oreo in the eye in their fight last night, Oreo being such a good kitty to keep himself out of trouble, and AC adapters.
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