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We had a brief adventure today in the form of the mailman knocking on the door. It was kind of a light knock, so it took all of us a second to realize, "Oh hey, someone's at the door," including Page. As soon as we all connected the dots, I got up to answer the door, and Page got up to hide. And for some reason, whenever a cat is trying to run away from wherever I'm going, they always manage to find themselves directly under my feet. Except for Oreo. He's like the master. Mimsy always managed to slip by at the last second, but not Page. I totally stomped on her. Fortunately, I guess my reflexes are faster than I thought, because not only is she perfectly fine, she's not even mad at me. She's using my arm for a pillow as I type.

Anyway, we're waiting for books and paperwork before we can get to any of our rush deadlines, so to maximize efficiency, we have decided to work on I Hate You♥ 10. It's official: Gakuen Alice is harder to translate than I Hate You♥. But the sidebar thingies do still take long enough for us to forget what was going on in the story by the time we get back to it.

Happy as we are to be working on Sekaichi (and it is very happy, oh my goodness the pretty pictures of Maki), today we have been confronted with one of the few things that can compete against it for our attention: Kingdom Hearts. That's right, Birth by Sleep arrived in the mail today. Less than two weeks after they shipped it! That's amazing considering what happened the last time we went with cheap shipping! Of course, even though it hasn't been that long since they shipped it, so much has happened since we got the confirmation e-mail that it feels like eons have passed, and it's a little hard to believe the game really exists. In fact, we haven't opened the package yet, so it's possible that it actually doesn't. That would be sad.

But we have a date to see The Princess and the Frog tonight (sorry, not the romantic kind of date), and we figure it would be dangerous to start a new Kingdom Hearts game before the movie. We once went to see Atlantis while we were in the middle of translating volume three of DN Angel for the first time, and our enjoyment of the movie plummeted for wanting to get back to DN Angel. Of course, I think we've learned to... compartmentalize? ...our fannishness, so we can focus on one thing without being too impatient for another, so it might not be a problem this time. But then again, it's Kingdom Hearts.

So now we're trying to figure out how best to arrange our schedule to get a nice, big chunk of video game time tomorrow. With all the busyness going on, we have some chores built up, and we still have some manga we need to finish reading (and summarize, in one case). We were planning on working on that tomorrow, but I think we'll move it to tonight instead. If we can get it all done before the movie, then maybe we can have a nice big chunk of time two days in a row! That's unlikely, though, because we are not fast readers, and we're even slower at summarizing. Okay, technically we're faster at summarizing, since it obviously takes less time to write the summary than to read a whole book, but... I don't know what I'm saying anymore. I have chores to do.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Sekaichi♥, clear umbrellas (I can hold it in front of my face and still see where I'm going!), getting to fulfill our promise to Eric Goldberg, not having severely injured Page, and oh my goodness we have Birth by Sleep.
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